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Get quality service at a fair price- Source the best diagnostic centres to get your CT scan in Jorhat. Are you feeling excessively sick for quite a long time? Then you must have visited your doctor. Has the doctor suggested a CT scan? If yes, then you are at the right place.

At YoScans, we offer you a wide range of CT Scan centres in Jorhat that offer the best quality CT scan. We help you source the best diagnostic centres right at your fingertips.

7 Best CT Scan Centres In Jorhat, Assam

CT Scan in Jorhat. Get quote from best CT Scan Centres In Jorhat.

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Kokomo, Indiana

Advanced Medical Imaging

2008 W Blvd St, Kokomo, IN 46902

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Stanford, Kentucky

Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center

102 Cs-1097, Stanford, KY 40484

University hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio

UC Health Varsity Village Imaging

2650 Varsity Village Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45221

Community health centre in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Knox Community Hospital

1330 Coshocton Ave, Mt Vernon, OH 43050

Medical clinic in Parma, Ohio

UH Parma Medical Center

7007 Powers Blvd, Parma, OH 44129

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Washington, D.C.

Sibley Outpatient Imaging Center

5215 Loughboro Rd NW, Washington, D.C., DC 20016

Diagnostic center in Louisville, Kentucky

Norton Diagnostic Center – Brownsboro

4915 Norton Healthcare Blvd Suite 101, Louisville, KY 40241


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CT Scan in Jorhat

With our ethical values, we make sure to meet your needs. Our team is very dedicated in helping you fix the appointment with the best diagnostic centre. We have made sure to check the background of every CT scan centre listed in our directory. So, you can be sure to find the best diagnostic centre for CT scan in Jorhat.

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We continuously strive to keep you updated with the best diagnostic centres. Our team is always active in updating details about diagnostic centres. At YoScans, you can find the best diagnostic centres at a fair CT scan price in Jorhat. We make it easy for you to source the right CT scan centres at the ease of your home.

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You can trust our source to find the most impartial reviews. We value your health, hence, we never set back to take you through the reality of diagnostic centres. You can trust us to get a clear insight about the diagnostic centres. We are always at your service to source the best centres for CT scan in Jorhat. When you have YoScans, you are assured of getting treated right at the CT scan centre.

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We work hard to provide you with a detailed list of the best diagnostic centre. As we understand the patients suffering, we work towards making their job easy. With our listed CT scan centres you can easily diagnose your health condition with a fair CT scan price in Jorhat. We provide a platform where our customers can get easy access to the best CT scan centres.

Moreover, we provide detailed information on all the listed diagnosis centres in our directory. You can also contact us if you have any query and we make sure you get a satisfactory answer.

CT ScanAvg. Cost
NCCT HEAD in Jorhat1800
CECT HEAD in Jorhat2500
NCCT PNS in Jorhat3500
CECT PNS in Jorhat4000
HRCT PNS in Jorhat3500
NCCT ORBIT in Jorhat2500
CECT ORBIT in Jorhat3500
NCCT NECK in Jorhat3500
CECT NECK in Jorhat4000
NCCT CHEST in Jorhat3500
CECT CHEST in Jorhat4000
HRCT CHEST in Jorhat4000
CECT U/ABD in Jorhat4000
CECT L/ABD in Jorhat4000
CECT WABD in Jorhat6000
NCCT KUB in Jorhat3500
CECT KUB in Jorhat4000
NCCT SPINE in Jorhat3500
CT ANGIO BRAIN in Jorhat9000
CT UROGRAPHY in Jorhat9000
CT B/L LOWER LIMBS in Jorhat9000
CT B/L UPPER LIMBS in Jorhat9000

List of CT Scan centres in Jorhat

Sr.Centre NameRatings
#1Advanced Medical ImagingRated 4.4 (13 reviews)
#2Central Kentucky Diagnostic CenterRated 4.1 (7 reviews)
#3UC Health Varsity Village ImagingRated 4.0 (4 reviews)
#4Knox Community HospitalRated 3.1 (101 reviews)
#5UH Parma Medical CenterRated 2.4 (176 reviews)
#6Sibley Outpatient Imaging CenterRated 1.3 (3 reviews)
#7Norton Diagnostic Center – BrownsboroRated 1.0 (1 reviews)

FAQs for CT Scan In Jorhat, Assam

Got query before going for CT scan in Jorhat? Here are the frequently asked questions we have tried to answer best with our knowledge.

What is the cost of CT scan in Jorhat?

Well, the cost may vary depending on which CT scan centre you choose. The cost may also vary on the body parts. However, the average cost for a CT scan can vary between 2000-5000 or even more.

What are slices in the CT scan?

Cross-sectional images of the body are referred to as slices in CT scan.

What does it mean by 128 slice in the CT scan?

This is useful in providing high-quality three-dimensional images. It captures the best quality images which are not possible with other range of scanners.

What is meant by 64-slice in the CT scan?

This is used to get high-resolution images through rotation. Moreover, this is useful in reducing scan time for over a few seconds.

What solution is made to drink before the CT scan?

Every patient is not made to drink the solution. Your physician will suggest the procedure. There may be a need to drink oral contrast made of Gastrografin or barium for few patients.

How to prepare for a CT scan?

If you have been asked to do a CT scan with contrast, you should avoid eating for at least 3-4 hours before the scan. You may drink water. However, in the case of a CT scan without a contract, you can eat or drink normally. Your doctor will advise you on how to keep yourself prepared. Follow the instructions of your doctor carefully.

What should I do after the CT scan?

There are no after-effects of this scan. You can continue with your normal routine as usual. Patients can also drink or eat. However, in some cases, you have to wait in the CT scan centre to check if there is any kind of reaction.

Can CT scan discover inflammation?

It can show tumour, inflammation and other problems in the internal organs. It can also reveal lacerations of the liver, spleen or kidney.

How should I stay normal during the CT scan?

Firstly, keep yourself relaxed. Prepare your mind and don't over-think about it. It's just a normal scan. Close your eyes and breathe normally, concentrate on breathing. It’s just a matter of some time.

What if I move during the process?

Any movement during the process may blur the images. Lie done still and avoid movement to get a clear image of your problem.

Can I get my CT scan done with my normal clothes?

You need to change your clothes and wear a hospital gown. Just make sure, you do not have any metal object with you.

Why do doctors suggest CT scan?

A CT scan is suggested to diagnose internal problems such as bone disorders, muscle pain, fractures, blood clot or tumour. After getting your CT scan report the required treatment is done by the doctors.

Is CT scan more effective than ultrasound?

Both the procedures are effective in their own way. However, in a CT scan, you get a better image quality that precisely targets the affected area.

How long will the CT scan process take?

The process may take up to 10-30 minutes or even more. It depends on which body part you are getting scanned.

Which body parts are covered in the CT scan?

While CT scan is usually done for the brain to find out about strokes or head injuries. It is also used to detect any problems in other body parts such as tumours, problems in blood vessels and other serious ailments.

Based on 118+ user reviews of 7 businesses

Candie Bushby reviewed ProScan Imaging Gahanna
Candie Bushby - ProScan Imaging Gahanna

Very clean, staff is very friendly. Its nice that they play music while your scan is being completed. It helps.

Crystal Stallard reviewed ProScan Imaging Gahanna
Crystal Stallard - ProScan Imaging Gahanna

I had to go there from a referral for a chest x ray today. Starting with the reception at the front desk from the gentleman and his colleagues, to the very last moment before I left....I appreciated it all. Its a scary thing to have More

Gregory Shaffer reviewed ProScan Imaging Gahanna
Gregory Shaffer - ProScan Imaging Gahanna

Made a great experience great staff polite and helpful

Vandana Bhindwallam reviewed ProScan Imaging Gahanna
Vandana Bhindwallam - ProScan Imaging Gahanna

Friendly people, very clean and convenient location. Although wait time was longer but understandable during this time... well sanitized place. Thank you for providing good service.

Lorie Cuevas reviewed ProScan Imaging Gahanna
Lorie Cuevas - ProScan Imaging Gahanna

I went to ProScan because of their reviews and I wasnt disappointed. They were a lot more reasonable than going to the hospital imaging place due to my out of pocket deductible. When I arrived the guy at the front desk was very nice the More

Krista Faist reviewed ProScan Imaging Gahanna
Krista Faist - ProScan Imaging Gahanna

These guys were great Steve and Will put me completely at ease. They were friendly, quick and professional.

Amanda Fatula reviewed ProScan Imaging Gahanna
Amanda Fatula - ProScan Imaging Gahanna

Everyone from registration to MRI techs were friendly. MRI tech knowledgeable and efficient. Area was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Penny Griffin reviewed ProScan Imaging Gahanna
Penny Griffin - ProScan Imaging Gahanna

I have been here for a few scans and Xrays. All the technicians and staff are very good. Technician Will really helped me stay calm and gave me updates on how long each part of the scan would take. They were accommodating and I was able to schedule my scan so Will would be there to do my scan.

Jessie Hill reviewed Knox Community Hospital
Jessie Hill - Knox Community Hospital

I always go to the ER feeling like a burden, especially if Im not in crazy pain, but sometimes you have to go with your gut and figure out if its right, or not Ive been here twice. Yes, you have to be patient, things arent immediate More

Michelle Laughlin reviewed Knox Community Hospital
Michelle Laughlin - Knox Community Hospital

We moved from Akron down to South Central Ohio so we had to find all new doctors and we have many including a cardiologist my husband needed they have all been very professional is it very clean and friendly hospital very few wait times in More

Annette Pfleger reviewed Knox Community Hospital
Annette Pfleger - Knox Community Hospital

The staff has always been really good to me.They are always asking what I need and if I am comfortable.

susan ash reviewed Knox Community Hospital
susan ash - Knox Community Hospital

physical therapist are thorough and give great feedback with treatments that you can start using right away. It gave me a lot of hope.

Rose Fresco reviewed Knox Community Hospital
Rose Fresco - Knox Community Hospital

I came to the ER by squad. I had great care. They explained everything they were going to be doing. I ended up being admitted for days. They were all so good to me including ER staff, lab staff, xray staff, nursing staff, housekeeping and cafeteria staff. I am glad I lived so close to KCH.

Ben Keilholz reviewed UC Health Varsity Village Imaging
Ben Keilholz - UC Health Varsity Village Imaging

Brenda Peelman reviewed UC Health Varsity Village Imaging
Brenda Peelman - UC Health Varsity Village Imaging

Barry Pollard reviewed UC Health Varsity Village Imaging
Barry Pollard - UC Health Varsity Village Imaging

I am a rather large individual and it seems because of my shoulders l can not be loaded into a normal MRI machine. Therefore, l get to utilize the OPEN Imagine system at Varsity Village. More

Mary Rachford reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Mary Rachford - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

I prefer to got outside of the hospital systems for many reasons and was very pleased when I found Fox Valley Imaging online. I stopped in to see if they took my insurance and was happy to hear they did and that they could see me right More

Jayne Braden reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Jayne Braden - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

We called here because our regular place was too busy to get us in. They got us in the same day, and had the insurance preauth before our regular place as well The staff was amazing They all worked to help us get them the information More

Teresa M reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Teresa M - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

My recent MRI was a very positive experience Office staff Micah Mimi were very helpful supportive throughout the entire process. Technicians Dan Aldin were extremely comforting helpful as well Much appreciated...

Dave Swanson reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Dave Swanson - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

This place is fantastic. The owner really is friendly and is typically present. She is a true professional and cares about her patients. We have been coming here for years and with kids we have been many times. Xrays, Cat Scans and most More

Mario Corral reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Mario Corral - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

The staff at Fox Valley imaging truly make it a pleasant experience. They are so friendly and kind and will go out of their way to helpmake your experience that much better. The owners personally greeted me and took a genuine interest in More

Charlie HOLLENSED reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Charlie HOLLENSED - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

These are caring professionals who provide great service. If you do not have coverage they have the best cash fees. I love the care they have provided for those I sent there.

Heather Neal reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Heather Neal - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

I highly recommend this imaging center. Both for the people, services, and costs. I utilized them for several MRIs and xrays last year and am about to utilize them again for another MRI. The costs for the ones I have had in the past at a More

Dave Heidenreich reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Dave Heidenreich - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

What a difference this place is compared to our experiences in hospitals, urgent care or ERs Wowit was like being with a loving family at our time of need. Friendly staff and friendly price Great experience. Thanks Dan.

Susan Fleming reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Susan Fleming - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

I have had several MRIs administered by Fox Valley Imaging Center, Inc. and have always been satisfied. The images are very clear and doctors have always been able to read them with no issues. The staff is caring and friendly and do More

Brenda Andrade reviewed Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center
Brenda Andrade - Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center

Julie P reviewed Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center
Julie P - Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center

Rebecca Campbell reviewed Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center
Rebecca Campbell - Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center

heidi orantes reviewed Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center
heidi orantes - Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center

Very polite people and was waited on very quickly.

Angela Bryant reviewed Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center
Angela Bryant - Central Kentucky Diagnostic Center

I always receive the utmost respect and best service at CKDC. Tim and Dana are true professionals and always treat their clients like family.

Kim Glass reviewed Advanced Medical Imaging
Kim Glass - Advanced Medical Imaging

Scott Morrow reviewed Advanced Medical Imaging
Scott Morrow - Advanced Medical Imaging

Rob Stafford reviewed Advanced Medical Imaging
Rob Stafford - Advanced Medical Imaging

Rhoda Reyburn reviewed Advanced Medical Imaging
Rhoda Reyburn - Advanced Medical Imaging

Nancy Pitzer reviewed Advanced Medical Imaging
Nancy Pitzer - Advanced Medical Imaging

M S reviewed Advanced Medical Imaging
M S - Advanced Medical Imaging

I received excellent services today at AMI. The sonographer Anita did an exceptional job She had such a sweet spirit which put me right at ease before I knew it we were finished Thanks for a job well done Anita

Stephanie Bult reviewed Advanced Medical Imaging
Stephanie Bult - Advanced Medical Imaging

I would have gave a five star rating but there was only one problem when they called to schedule my appointment they asked if I needed sedation for claustrophobic and I did State yes that I did and when I got out there they informed me that More

Trevor Whited reviewed Advanced Medical Imaging
Trevor Whited - Advanced Medical Imaging

Great staff. In and out very quickly.

Jon Weaver reviewed Advanced Medical Imaging
Jon Weaver - Advanced Medical Imaging

Staff was completely professional and very easy to work with would recommend them to anyone.

Joseph Fountain reviewed MMP Imaging Center
Joseph Fountain - MMP Imaging Center

Staff is friendly and they get you in and out quickly

Jeremy Herring reviewed MMP Imaging Center
Jeremy Herring - MMP Imaging Center

They are very friendly here and the staff actually talks to you so you dont feel so uncomfortable while getting imaging done. They are also fast about getting you a copy of the imaging for your doctor. Will use this place anytime I need imaging

Heather Fitzgerald reviewed MMP Imaging Center
Heather Fitzgerald - MMP Imaging Center

They were wonderful with my dad. We were late and they still accommodated us

Carla Lawrence reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Carla Lawrence - Lexington Diagnostic Center

Very nice technicians that took great care in making me feel comfortable during the procedure.

Steven Davis reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Steven Davis - Lexington Diagnostic Center

To be in such an uncomfortable position on the flat table of the MRI scan the incredible staff at Lexington Diagnostic Center made me feel very comfortable. They are very professional and very personable. I would recommend LDC to anybody who needs a scan. Thank you LDC...

Paul Boyles reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Paul Boyles - Lexington Diagnostic Center

The scheduling and check in process was very easy. The staff was efficient and friendly. Definitely a much easier and cost effective option to using a hospital. I will return to Lexington Diagnostic whenever I need xrays or an MRI.

gary renner reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
gary renner - Lexington Diagnostic Center

Service was excellent and very friendly staff. Had mri without and with contrast and they explained everything very well and was very efficient. Would definitely recommend.

Teresa Mcdonald reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Teresa Mcdonald - Lexington Diagnostic Center

The staff was very professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable and was explained on what to expect during screening. I was in and out in no time. Will highly recommend.

Brendan Burnett reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Brendan Burnett - Lexington Diagnostic Center

Quick and easy check in. Not much of a wait. Very efficient process. Comfortable procedure, as comfortable as possible laying in a tube for an hour. Staff was kind and thoughtful. As good an experience as it gets.

Brant Allen reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Brant Allen - Lexington Diagnostic Center

I had a very efficient and safe experience this morning. Lee was very friendly and informative. He walked me through each step prior to my scan and kept me informed along the way. Thank you Lee for the excellent job

Brenda Wallace reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Brenda Wallace - Lexington Diagnostic Center

I was very fortunate to get an appointment the same day I called. Trina was extremely helpful. I greatly appreciated her help. All the staff were very helpful, courteous and greeted you with a smile. It was a great experience.

Karen T reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Karen T - Lexington Diagnostic Center

Lexington Diagnostic Center was great I was seen on time, within minutes of my appointment time Everyone was so friendly.I especially appreciated Meagan and Abigail They were very kind and made me More

Kim Sword reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Kim Sword - Lexington Diagnostic Center

I have received MRIs at Lexington Diagnostic Center in the past year. I am severely claustrophobic . The staff at this facility were so kind and considerate . They took the time to show me the machines and carefully explained the scan. More

Iyad Abou Al-Shaar reviewed Mc Laren Imaging Center
Iyad Abou Al-Shaar - Mc Laren Imaging Center

S R reviewed Mc Laren Imaging Center
S R - Mc Laren Imaging Center

The staff is very kind, friendly and helpful. And my appointment time was perfect.

Disneymom 2018 reviewed Mc Laren Imaging Center
Disneymom 2018 - Mc Laren Imaging Center

I was very happy here. Had a CT scan done short wait time very quick in and out. The staff was very nice and helpful. Susan K was the tech that took me back for my scan and she was very friendly. I will go here for my radiology needs from now on.

Swk K reviewed Mc Laren Imaging Center
Swk K - Mc Laren Imaging Center

Neat and clean facility for imaging. Quick service for an ultrasound. Friendly staff. Handicap accessible.

Jacklynn Holifield reviewed Mc Laren Imaging Center
Jacklynn Holifield - Mc Laren Imaging Center

Quick, friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.

Sandra Farra reviewed Holston Valley Imaging Center
Sandra Farra - Holston Valley Imaging Center

Penny Ewing reviewed Holston Valley Imaging Center
Penny Ewing - Holston Valley Imaging Center

Steven Caldwell reviewed Holston Valley Imaging Center
Steven Caldwell - Holston Valley Imaging Center

In and out. No hassle.

Johnna adinolfi reviewed Holston Valley Imaging Center
Johnna adinolfi - Holston Valley Imaging Center

My first time here Zachary was GREAT

Mark McGill reviewed Holston Valley Imaging Center
Mark McGill - Holston Valley Imaging Center

Fast and professional First time here. Came in for an xray, and I was in and out in about minutes, checkin, paperwork, xray and all The xray tech, Amber, was great and made me feel comfortable, and the clerical staff was fast and efficient. Great place

Bubba Clinton reviewed Holston Valley Imaging Center
Bubba Clinton - Holston Valley Imaging Center

Very pleased, in and out with no hassles but PLEASE clean the filthy BLACK MOLD off your huge windows.

John Feagins reviewed Holston Valley Imaging Center
John Feagins - Holston Valley Imaging Center

They are super nice and will help you out to get your car and your stuff to go home after a bad hand surgery and will call you to let you know when you can get your wife and get all the stuff she needs why because shes the sun riseing and More

Dhurba Prasad Saikia reviewed Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE
Dhurba Prasad Saikia - Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE


anamika das reviewed Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE
anamika das - Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE


PRATIDHANI vlog reviewed Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE
PRATIDHANI vlog - Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE


Stoploss defender reviewed Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE
Stoploss defender - Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE

Services are too slow. Had to wait for hrs to do an Echo test.

Kunal Rathod reviewed Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE
Kunal Rathod - Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE

It is located in a congested area and so parking place for four wheelers are not available. The practitioner is very supportive and humble. Usually there is a wait here. So, I suggest you take an appointment prior your visit. The staff at the reception is also supportive.

luna sarma reviewed Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE
luna sarma - Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE

Experience was too good.doctors are very friendly. fully satisfied.

KUSHAL SHAPE reviewed Baruah X-Ray & Sonoscan Clinic,JORHAT CT SCAN CENTRE

Good....telliphonic booking is available.Good doctor

Kathleen Perkins Second reviewed Norton Diagnostic Center - Dupont
Kathleen Perkins Second - Norton Diagnostic Center - Dupont

Everyone was courteous and knowledgable. They answered all my questions.

Sue Leblond reviewed Outpatient Imaging Center
Sue Leblond - Outpatient Imaging Center

I called ahead to see if they were busy, and they said come on in, were not busy right now. O showed up and was in and out in less than minutes for xray. Nice and professional staff and super clean Overall, couldnt ask for any better service.

Scheldon Kress reviewed Fairfax PET/CT Center
Scheldon Kress - Fairfax PET/CT Center

Fairfax PETCT staff is always compassionate, professional and proficientScheldon Kress, M.D.

Andrino Flevotomos reviewed Fairfax PET/CT Center
Andrino Flevotomos - Fairfax PET/CT Center

Having been to many many many imaging facilities I have a good reference point from which to judge.The staff were fabulous. I found them compassionate, speedy, articulate, and More

Lynn Jarosz reviewed UH Parma Medical Center
Lynn Jarosz - UH Parma Medical Center

They were very pleasant and reacted quickly to my needs...thank you

Peter Cavrell reviewed UH Parma Medical Center
Peter Cavrell - UH Parma Medical Center

My mother inlaw had a nasty wound on her knee. The Parma folks were great in diagnosing and treating her with kindness and respect. Having been around numerous intensive care units and other triage type facilities they excelled in patient More

Tawny Zajc reviewed UH Parma Medical Center
Tawny Zajc - UH Parma Medical Center

Dr. Fady Haddad was exemplary He went above and beyond. The good doctor spend a great deal of time with my fatherinlaw in his time of need. He listened to his stories and shared personal life stories with him too, that brightened his More

Garrett Robison reviewed UH Parma Medical Center
Garrett Robison - UH Parma Medical Center

Very clean and open space. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I went in for Xrays minutes later was finally called to confirm my insurance info took a little over minutes to do .. Xray tech was great, he was efficient and even had a little sense of humor.

Laurie Badea reviewed UH Parma Medical Center
Laurie Badea - UH Parma Medical Center

I went into the UH Parma Emergency room on at about pm. This experience was one of the best I have ever had. The entire staff was excellent and my doctor was so thorough and awesome. Thank you All for staying SO kind and professional through these tough times