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Get quality service at a fair price- Source the best diagnostic centres to get your CT scan in Khandwa. Are you feeling excessively sick for quite a long time? Then you must have visited your doctor. Has the doctor suggested a CT scan? If yes, then you are at the right place.

At YoScans, we offer you a wide range of CT Scan centres in Khandwa that offer the best quality CT scan. We help you source the best diagnostic centres right at your fingertips.

9 Best CT Scan Centres In Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh

CT Scan in Khandwa. Get quote from best CT Scan Centres In Khandwa.

Auto repair shop in Khandwa, India

Bridgestone Select – Hindusthan Abhikaran

Opposite Mansingh Mill, Gujarati Dharamsala, Pandhana - Khandwa Main Rd, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh 450001, India

Electronics store in Khandwa, India

Epson Service Centre

Anand Nagar, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh 450001, India

Radiologist in India

Khandwa Sonographics

6/7 , 1st floor, dhanwantri plaza, Padawa, near lady butler gate, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh 450001, India

Repair service in Khandwa, India

MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)

Near bank of india growar plaza, Anand Nagar, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh 450001, India

General hospital in India

Prakash Hospital

Indore Rd, Sneh Nagar, Vidhyuth Nagar, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh 450001, India

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Indore, India

Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic

10-A/A, Sanrachna Avenue Satya Sai Square, AB Rd, Scheme No 54, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010, India

Diagnostic center in Mhow, India

Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic

102 Mewara Hospital, Mewara Garden, Old AB Road, Kishanganj, Mhow, Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, Madhya Pradesh 453441, India

Diagnostic center in India

Sono Diagnostics Center

Civil Line, Khandwa (East Nimar), SH-26, Khandwa Chhegaon, Khandwa, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh 450771, India

Medical center in Khandwa, India

Patanjali (Chikitsalay Avam Mega store )

Khandwa Rd, opposite astha palace, Tin Puliya, Ramganj Ward, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh 450001, India


Why choose YoScans Khandwa over others?

CT Scan in Khandwa

With our ethical values, we make sure to meet your needs. Our team is very dedicated in helping you fix the appointment with the best diagnostic centre. We have made sure to check the background of every CT scan centre listed in our directory. So, you can be sure to find the best diagnostic centre for CT scan in Khandwa.

YoScans is the best platform that brings diagnostic centres and patients together in the most convenient way. Moreover, our listed diagnostic centres have the best quality scan centres and the reports of their centres are clear and audited at regular intervals. With us, your information is secure and kept confidential.

Our Mission

We continuously strive to keep you updated with the best diagnostic centres. Our team is always active in updating details about diagnostic centres. At YoScans, you can find the best diagnostic centres at a fair CT scan price in Khandwa. We make it easy for you to source the right CT scan centres at the ease of your home.

Honest Reviews

You can trust our source to find the most impartial reviews. We value your health, hence, we never set back to take you through the reality of diagnostic centres. You can trust us to get a clear insight about the diagnostic centres. We are always at your service to source the best centres for CT scan in Khandwa. When you have YoScans, you are assured of getting treated right at the CT scan centre.

Comprehensive Information

We work hard to provide you with a detailed list of the best diagnostic centre. As we understand the patients suffering, we work towards making their job easy. With our listed CT scan centres you can easily diagnose your health condition with a fair CT scan price in Khandwa. We provide a platform where our customers can get easy access to the best CT scan centres.

Moreover, we provide detailed information on all the listed diagnosis centres in our directory. You can also contact us if you have any query and we make sure you get a satisfactory answer.

CT ScanAvg. Cost
NCCT HEAD in Khandwa1800
CECT HEAD in Khandwa2500
NCCT PNS in Khandwa3500
CECT PNS in Khandwa4000
HRCT PNS in Khandwa3500
NCCT ORBIT in Khandwa2500
CECT ORBIT in Khandwa3500
NCCT NECK in Khandwa3500
CECT NECK in Khandwa4000
NCCT CHEST in Khandwa3500
CECT CHEST in Khandwa4000
HRCT CHEST in Khandwa4000
CECT U/ABD in Khandwa4000
CECT L/ABD in Khandwa4000
CECT WABD in Khandwa6000
NCCT KUB in Khandwa3500
CECT KUB in Khandwa4000
NCCT JOINTS JOINT in Khandwa3500
NCCT SPINE in Khandwa3500
CT ANGIO BRAIN in Khandwa9000
CT UROGRAPHY in Khandwa9000
CT B/L LOWER LIMBS in Khandwa9000
CT B/L UPPER LIMBS in Khandwa9000

List of CT Scan centres in Khandwa

Sr.Centre NameRatings
#1Bridgestone Select – Hindusthan AbhikaranRated 4.3 (254 reviews)
#2Epson Service CentreRated 4.1 (21 reviews)
#3Khandwa SonographicsRated 4.8 (21 reviews)
#4MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)Rated 3.3 (90 reviews)
#5Prakash HospitalRated 3.2 (31 reviews)
#6Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic ClinicRated 3.2 (26 reviews)
#7Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic ClinicRated 2.0 (2 reviews)
#8Sono Diagnostics CenterRated 2.5 (2 reviews)
#9Patanjali (Chikitsalay Avam Mega store )Rated 1.7 (3 reviews)

FAQs for CT Scan In Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh

Got query before going for CT scan in Khandwa? Here are the frequently asked questions we have tried to answer best with our knowledge.

What is the cost of CT scan in Khandwa?

Well, the cost may vary depending on which CT scan centre you choose. The cost may also vary on the body parts. However, the average cost for a CT scan can vary between 2000-5000 or even more.

What are slices in the CT scan?

Cross-sectional images of the body are referred to as slices in CT scan.

What does it mean by 128 slice in the CT scan?

This is useful in providing high-quality three-dimensional images. It captures the best quality images which are not possible with other range of scanners.

What is meant by 64-slice in the CT scan?

This is used to get high-resolution images through rotation. Moreover, this is useful in reducing scan time for over a few seconds.

What solution is made to drink before the CT scan?

Every patient is not made to drink the solution. Your physician will suggest the procedure. There may be a need to drink oral contrast made of Gastrografin or barium for few patients.

How to prepare for a CT scan?

If you have been asked to do a CT scan with contrast, you should avoid eating for at least 3-4 hours before the scan. You may drink water. However, in the case of a CT scan without a contract, you can eat or drink normally. Your doctor will advise you on how to keep yourself prepared. Follow the instructions of your doctor carefully.

What should I do after the CT scan?

There are no after-effects of this scan. You can continue with your normal routine as usual. Patients can also drink or eat. However, in some cases, you have to wait in the CT scan centre to check if there is any kind of reaction.

Can CT scan discover inflammation?

It can show tumour, inflammation and other problems in the internal organs. It can also reveal lacerations of the liver, spleen or kidney.

How should I stay normal during the CT scan?

Firstly, keep yourself relaxed. Prepare your mind and don't over-think about it. It's just a normal scan. Close your eyes and breathe normally, concentrate on breathing. It’s just a matter of some time.

What if I move during the process?

Any movement during the process may blur the images. Lie done still and avoid movement to get a clear image of your problem.

Can I get my CT scan done with my normal clothes?

You need to change your clothes and wear a hospital gown. Just make sure, you do not have any metal object with you.

Why do doctors suggest CT scan?

A CT scan is suggested to diagnose internal problems such as bone disorders, muscle pain, fractures, blood clot or tumour. After getting your CT scan report the required treatment is done by the doctors.

Is CT scan more effective than ultrasound?

Both the procedures are effective in their own way. However, in a CT scan, you get a better image quality that precisely targets the affected area.

How long will the CT scan process take?

The process may take up to 10-30 minutes or even more. It depends on which body part you are getting scanned.

Which body parts are covered in the CT scan?

While CT scan is usually done for the brain to find out about strokes or head injuries. It is also used to detect any problems in other body parts such as tumours, problems in blood vessels and other serious ailments.

Based on 123+ user reviews of 9 businesses

shraddha Jain reviewed Sono Diagnostics Center
shraddha Jain - Sono Diagnostics Center

cutelove155 reviewed nimar sonography clinic
cutelove155 - nimar sonography clinic

I dont know Dr Deepak before but when I went for antenatal and target scan USG I found he is very skilled kind hearted doctor. I was shoked when baby deliver and her weight was exactly as he said by usg, anomaly scan was accurate no anomaly seen ..

manish sharma reviewed nimar sonography clinic
manish sharma - nimar sonography clinic

Great doctor. Best radiologist. Cool environment

Tejas Tamhane reviewed nimar sonography clinic
Tejas Tamhane - nimar sonography clinic

Dr. Deepak Varshney is very polite and knowledgeable radiologist. Entire staff was very helpful and kind. The clinic is at convenient location and ambience is good. Rates are also reasonable for the kind of high quality service that he More

Pravesh Khanwilkar reviewed nimar sonography clinic
Pravesh Khanwilkar - nimar sonography clinic

Nimar sonography clinic is the perfect center for all types of check up with best of its services in khandwa . Here the check up provides by advance and modern technique.

surbhi guha reviewed nimar sonography clinic
surbhi guha - nimar sonography clinic

Nimar sonography is one of the best clinics in khandwa. Neat n clean environment, dedicated staff,quick service. My cousin was attended vry well by Dr.Deepak n his staff.

Gaurav Agrawal reviewed nimar sonography clinic
Gaurav Agrawal - nimar sonography clinic

Best diagnostic centre at khandwa .polite and soft spoken staff. best centre for sonography guided procedures and pregnancy sonographies .

Purti Saini reviewed nimar sonography clinic
Purti Saini - nimar sonography clinic

I have done my all ANC scan including NT , Target and color Doppler. Overall experience with center and its staff was awesome. Dr Deepak is very polite and experienced Radiologist. His reporting was very accurate . Location is also near to big hospitals and Doctors so no need to travel a long during tough time of ANC .

Dr. Saurabh Jain reviewed nimar sonography clinic
Dr. Saurabh Jain - nimar sonography clinic

Dr. Deepak is one of best Radiologist of Khandwa. He give dedication to his patient. He performed USG of my wife during her pregnancy Whatever he told it match after baby birth. I also want to say thanks to him. Please maintain such quality in future.

abhilasha jogey reviewed nimar sonography clinic
abhilasha jogey - nimar sonography clinic

Khandwa is blessed with best medical facilities. Proper care of patient with neat n clean atmosphere

siddharth banode reviewed nimar sonography clinic
siddharth banode - nimar sonography clinic

My experience at Nimar sonography was great. ...sir is very humble knowledgeable and a great human being..... Fabulous service great reception staff and Clinical service in Khandwa

Rajshree Sharma reviewed Prakash Hospital
Rajshree Sharma - Prakash Hospital

well equipped hospital.

Vijay Singh Rathod reviewed Prakash Hospital
Vijay Singh Rathod - Prakash Hospital

Great fecility in the city of khandwa loock like this hospital GURUDWARA

manish ekal reviewed Prakash Hospital
manish ekal - Prakash Hospital

Nice hospital

Mandy Jag reviewed Prakash Hospital
Mandy Jag - Prakash Hospital

Wonderful experience. I had an accident and was attended promptly. CT was quickly done and treatment was prompt. The doctors were amazing and the staff was very helpful.

Neha Srivastava reviewed Prakash Hospital
Neha Srivastava - Prakash Hospital

.Very Polite and experienced Doctor. They listen patiently and give proper attention to patients.. Not much crowded, thus more or less clean. More

Kiran Surage reviewed Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)
Kiran Surage - Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)

Excellent pathology

Pawan Kumar reviewed Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)
Pawan Kumar - Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)

Good pathology testings

Amit Surage reviewed Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)
Amit Surage - Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)

Excellent diagnostic

Kamalchand Surage reviewed Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)
Kamalchand Surage - Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)

Trustable Patholoy

mohini khatwase reviewed Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)
mohini khatwase - Annapurna Rhythm Diagnostic Center (ARDC Lab)

Excellent Reporting and very good service

Samiksha Soni reviewed Khandwa Sonographics
Samiksha Soni - Khandwa Sonographics

Mukesh Wable reviewed Khandwa Sonographics
Mukesh Wable - Khandwa Sonographics

Translated by Google Best sarvisOriginalBest sarvis

rinku lunia reviewed Khandwa Sonographics
rinku lunia - Khandwa Sonographics

Very good services.

Nagesia musical reviewed Khandwa Sonographics
Nagesia musical - Khandwa Sonographics

Best service

Rakesh Rewari reviewed Khandwa Sonographics
Rakesh Rewari - Khandwa Sonographics

Best services of the town

COMMERCE CLASS with Dr. Mahesh Agrawal reviewed Khandwa Sonographics
COMMERCE CLASS with Dr. Mahesh Agrawal - Khandwa Sonographics

The best services and nice behavior of doctor and staff too...

Satish Singh reviewed Khandwa Sonographics
Satish Singh - Khandwa Sonographics

Well behaved and Experienced clinician. Nice ambience

raman jogi reviewed Khandwa Sonographics
raman jogi - Khandwa Sonographics

Dr Dinesh is presently the best Ultrasound specialist in town , highly recommended for ultrasound and echo cardio gram .

kanishka lunia reviewed Khandwa Sonographics
kanishka lunia - Khandwa Sonographics

I happen to visit the centre earlier this month. The services have been very professional. The services marked my expectations. Comfortable and polite people. Would suggest to visit in case of any discomfort.

Komal patil reviewed THYROCARE BLOOD COLLECTION Center

Anay Arzare reviewed THYROCARE BLOOD COLLECTION Center

An excellent health care centre that provides all type of BLOOD checkup facilities from Mumbai Thyrocare. Blood sample goes to mumbai for testing , and reports comes in only or days

Dr syed adil Ali reviewed THE FAMILY DOCTOR
Dr syed adil Ali - THE FAMILY DOCTOR

pradeep patil reviewed District Hospital, Khandwa
pradeep patil - District Hospital, Khandwa

Now hospital is moving for better sercice and also shifting new medical colledge

Akhilesh mehta Mehta reviewed District Hospital, Khandwa
Akhilesh mehta Mehta - District Hospital, Khandwa

Best tritment

Saqlain Mirza reviewed District Hospital, Khandwa
Saqlain Mirza - District Hospital, Khandwa

My home town best government hospitality

Govinda Gangrade reviewed District Hospital, Khandwa
Govinda Gangrade - District Hospital, Khandwa

Everything inside the hospital is good but doctors do not know the importance of time.

R N reviewed District Hospital, Khandwa
R N - District Hospital, Khandwa


Dancing Girl Piku reviewed District Hospital, Khandwa
Dancing Girl Piku - District Hospital, Khandwa

This is very nice management by all Dr. Here is good NIC good cleaning very nicely managed OPD very nice gernal al ward all Petient feeling good all are facilities so good

Mukesh Takia reviewed J.J Hospital
Mukesh Takia - J.J Hospital


Sen Navin reviewed J.J Hospital
Sen Navin - J.J Hospital

unique point mans parlour

akash chaudhari reviewed J.J Hospital
akash chaudhari - J.J Hospital

super hospital and doctor is avaleble in all day

Pradeep Singhfare reviewed J.J Hospital
Pradeep Singhfare - J.J Hospital

Pradeep fare ram nagar khandwaLIC

Palkesh Prajapati reviewed Pampuri hospital
Palkesh Prajapati - Pampuri hospital

M P reviewed Pampuri hospital
M P - Pampuri hospital

mubaraka lokhandwala reviewed Pampuri hospital
mubaraka lokhandwala - Pampuri hospital

Very clean hospital with good management and pateints care.good doctors with very good treatmen. Need to be upgrade more

SALMAN KHAN reviewed Pampuri hospital
SALMAN KHAN - Pampuri hospital

Very Good Hospital ... Please Koi Physcologist bhi available karayiye...

Kapil Neema reviewed Epson Service Centre
Kapil Neema - Epson Service Centre

pawan surpal reviewed Epson Service Centre
pawan surpal - Epson Service Centre

Fast service

Sushil Rathore reviewed Epson Service Centre
Sushil Rathore - Epson Service Centre

OK Service

Shivraj Rajput reviewed Epson Service Centre
Shivraj Rajput - Epson Service Centre


Pragyansh Jain reviewed Epson Service Centre
Pragyansh Jain - Epson Service Centre

Ok service ...But prices r high

Deepanshu Singh Rajput reviewed Epson Service Centre
Deepanshu Singh Rajput - Epson Service Centre

Good and fast service

Bhushan Patel reviewed Epson Service Centre
Bhushan Patel - Epson Service Centre

My experience was good everytime because I know everyone in Epson service centre

Rajesh Patidar reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
Rajesh Patidar - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

Satisfaction in treatment

Virendra laad reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
Virendra laad - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

Superb experience completely satisfied

Neeraj Sharma reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
Neeraj Sharma - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

Very Good treatment.

Rajnikant Lad reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
Rajnikant Lad - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

Excellent and comfortable work at reasonable cost

Pooja Amit Yadav Pooja Amit Yadav reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
Pooja Amit Yadav Pooja Amit Yadav - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

Very good treatment of madam thanks

Anirudh Baheti reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
Anirudh Baheti - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

Very Good Treatment and Guidance given by Maam

Parv Shroff reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
Parv Shroff - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

Good facilities. Amazing staff.

Aanchal Laad reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
Aanchal Laad - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

I had a great experience of oral treatment... Thank you mam

vijay vishwakarma reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
vijay vishwakarma - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

Physical evidence are good and good treatment by Doctor. Satisfied

Vasu Shroff reviewed Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)
Vasu Shroff - Dr. Vaidehi Laad (Dentist)

Excellent diagnosis. Loyal treatment. Highly recomended. Thanks you Dr. Vaidehi Madam.

Mo Mushtak reviewed MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)
Mo Mushtak - MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)

happy to visit...

K2 Vlogger reviewed MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)
K2 Vlogger - MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)

Fast service...

Aakash Chavan reviewed MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)
Aakash Chavan - MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)

Staff behaviour is Awesome. Everything is Awesome. They provide quick service.

Ganishka Sisodiya reviewed MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)
Ganishka Sisodiya - MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)

Good services

Shivansh Verma 09 reviewed MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)
Shivansh Verma 09 - MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)

Happy to visit...

Imran Khan reviewed MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)
Imran Khan - MI Service Center Khandwa (Ittech)


Nilay Sahu reviewed Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran
Nilay Sahu - Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran

Largest Tyre Dealer in Central India.The team at HA have consistently worked hard in their pursuit for excellence. I have seen them evolving year on year. Their networking is great, staff is courteous and skillful, and services lead to customer satisfaction.

Pawar Dj Sound reviewed Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran
Pawar Dj Sound - Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran

Perchance ceat tyres

qutubuddin saifee reviewed Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran
qutubuddin saifee - Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran

The best shop in khandwa and Burhanpur regarding automotive tires.

S Raja Khan reviewed Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran
S Raja Khan - Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran

For Wheel Alignment Wheel Balancing New Tyres And All Type Of Tyre Work Done Here

HEMANT NAMDEO reviewed Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran
HEMANT NAMDEO - Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran

Good to see such great tyre super mark in Khandwa.

divyani balone reviewed Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran
divyani balone - Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran

Best shop in khandwa, deals with quality products, after sale services, car, bike washing is also available in Hindustan Abhikaran, Good staff.

Gopal Mohane reviewed Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran
Gopal Mohane - Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran

Best place for tyres. Service are to good

ikram raeen reviewed Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran
ikram raeen - Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran

Good service and good place of Hindustan abhikaran i am filling with happy

Amitabha Das reviewed Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran
Amitabha Das - Bridgestone Select - Hindusthan Abhikaran

Great Service by an integrated team with high ethical values which even exceeds customer expectations under a very competent leadership...Keep it up Team Hindustan Abhikaran, highly appreciated.

Manish Mukati reviewed Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic
Manish Mukati - Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic

good service..cooperative staff..convenient location and well equipped facility.

Rinku Jain reviewed Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic
Rinku Jain - Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic

Very cooperative desk reception in Vijay nagar center thanku so much for all reception team great.......

Ravi Sharma reviewed Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic
Ravi Sharma - Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic

Actually I was seen good facility by staff. Specially dr jatav he provide me full information about disease of my uncle

Vineet Mani reviewed Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic
Vineet Mani - Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic

The gynecologist of my wife suggested some blood tests and sonography for her and we came to know about Sodani Diagnostic Clinic. I extracted their number via Google Maps and spoke to them. The personnel manning the phone was quite prompt More

Upendra Upadhyay reviewed Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic
Upendra Upadhyay - Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic

good diagnostic center with hitech equipment

Roshan Akhand reviewed Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic
Roshan Akhand - Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic

Verry Good Service all Staff Is Verry Careful Special Thnxx Mr. Ishan Shrivastav Ji thank you for SODANI Diagnosis Center