CT Scan in Surendranagar Dudhrej


Get quality service at a fair price- Source the best diagnostic centres to get your CT scan in Surendranagar Dudhrej. Are you feeling excessively sick for quite a long time? Then you must have visited your doctor. Has the doctor suggested a CT scan? If yes, then you are at the right place.

At YoScans, we offer you a wide range of CT Scan centres in Surendranagar Dudhrej that offer the best quality CT scan. We help you source the best diagnostic centres right at your fingertips.

11 Best CT Scan Centres In Surendranagar Dudhrej, Gujarat

CT Scan in Surendranagar Dudhrej. Get quote from best CT Scan Centres In Surendranagar Dudhrej.

Hospital in Surendranagar, India

C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital

Dudhrej Rd, Laxminarayan Society, Surendranagar, Gujarat 363001, India

Hospital in Surendranagar, India

Aum Orthocare Hospital

prabhat society Bapu Nagar, Surendranagar, Gujarat 363001, India

LASIK surgeon in Surendranagar, India

Centre For Sight

Ground Floor, Suchi Complex Near, Dudhrej Road, Surendranagar, Gujarat 363040, India

Car repair and maintenance in India

Hyundai Service Center

Ahmedabad Highway, Opposite Krishna Petrol Pump, Kothariya, Surendranagar, Gujarat 363020, India

Diagnostic center in Ahmedabad, India

Gujarat Imaging Centre

First Floor, Samved Hospital,Stadium, Commerce College Rd, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009, India

Laboratory in Surendranagar, India

Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.

Krishna tower, opp. CJ Hospital Road, Vadipara, Surendranagar, Gujarat 363002, India

Repair service in Surendranagar, India

MI Service Center Surendranagar (Qdigi)

249 Mega Mall Milan Cinema Road, Gujarat 363001, India



INDRAPRASTH RESIDENCY COMPLEX, SURENDRANAGAR-363035, 80 Feet Rd, Wadhwan, Surendranagar, Gujarat 363001, India

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Kalol, Gandhinagar, India

Mudra Imaging Center

Near Doctor House,Vardhman Nagar Society,Kalol(N.G),, Gujarat - 382721, Vardhaman Nagar, behind rocziz, Kalol, Gujarat 382721, India

Hospital in Surendranagar, India

Krishna Imaging Center

Haveli Rd, opp. c j, Ayurvedic Hospital Residence Colony, Vadhavan, Surendranagar, Gujarat 363002, India


Why choose YoScans Surendranagar Dudhrej over others?

CT Scan in Surendranagar Dudhrej

With our ethical values, we make sure to meet your needs. Our team is very dedicated in helping you fix the appointment with the best diagnostic centre. We have made sure to check the background of every CT scan centre listed in our directory. So, you can be sure to find the best diagnostic centre for CT scan in Surendranagar Dudhrej.

YoScans is the best platform that brings diagnostic centres and patients together in the most convenient way. Moreover, our listed diagnostic centres have the best quality scan centres and the reports of their centres are clear and audited at regular intervals. With us, your information is secure and kept confidential.

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We continuously strive to keep you updated with the best diagnostic centres. Our team is always active in updating details about diagnostic centres. At YoScans, you can find the best diagnostic centres at a fair CT scan price in Surendranagar Dudhrej. We make it easy for you to source the right CT scan centres at the ease of your home.

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You can trust our source to find the most impartial reviews. We value your health, hence, we never set back to take you through the reality of diagnostic centres. You can trust us to get a clear insight about the diagnostic centres. We are always at your service to source the best centres for CT scan in Surendranagar Dudhrej. When you have YoScans, you are assured of getting treated right at the CT scan centre.

Comprehensive Information

We work hard to provide you with a detailed list of the best diagnostic centre. As we understand the patients suffering, we work towards making their job easy. With our listed CT scan centres you can easily diagnose your health condition with a fair CT scan price in Surendranagar Dudhrej. We provide a platform where our customers can get easy access to the best CT scan centres.

Moreover, we provide detailed information on all the listed diagnosis centres in our directory. You can also contact us if you have any query and we make sure you get a satisfactory answer.

CT ScanAvg. Cost
NCCT HEAD in Surendranagar Dudhrej1800
CECT HEAD in Surendranagar Dudhrej2500
NCCT PNS in Surendranagar Dudhrej3500
CECT PNS in Surendranagar Dudhrej4000
HRCT PNS in Surendranagar Dudhrej3500
NCCT ORBIT in Surendranagar Dudhrej2500
CECT ORBIT in Surendranagar Dudhrej3500
HRCT TEMPORAL BONE in Surendranagar Dudhrej4000
NCCT NECK in Surendranagar Dudhrej3500
CECT NECK in Surendranagar Dudhrej4000
NCCT CHEST in Surendranagar Dudhrej3500
CECT CHEST in Surendranagar Dudhrej4000
HRCT CHEST in Surendranagar Dudhrej4000
CECT U/ABD in Surendranagar Dudhrej4000
CECT L/ABD in Surendranagar Dudhrej4000
CECT WABD in Surendranagar Dudhrej6000
NCCT KUB in Surendranagar Dudhrej3500
CECT KUB in Surendranagar Dudhrej4000
NCCT JOINTS JOINT in Surendranagar Dudhrej3500
NCCT SPINE in Surendranagar Dudhrej3500
TPCT TRIPHASIC CT ABD in Surendranagar Dudhrej9000
CT ANGIO BRAIN in Surendranagar Dudhrej9000
CT UROGRAPHY in Surendranagar Dudhrej9000
CT B/L LOWER LIMBS in Surendranagar Dudhrej9000
CT B/L UPPER LIMBS in Surendranagar Dudhrej9000

List of CT Scan centres in Surendranagar Dudhrej

Sr.Centre NameRatings
#1C.U.Shah Medical College and HospitalRated 4.0 (172 reviews)
#2Aum Orthocare HospitalRated 4.2 (15 reviews)
#3Centre For SightRated 4.5 (2 reviews)
#4Hyundai Service CenterRated 4.1 (92 reviews)
#5Gujarat Imaging CentreRated 4.5 (304 reviews)
#6Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.Rated 4.0 (21 reviews)
#7MI Service Center Surendranagar (Qdigi)Rated 3.3 (126 reviews)
#8PRIMARK SHOP LONDONRated 3.7 (13 reviews)
#9Mudra Imaging CenterRated 3.9 (15 reviews)
#10Krishna Imaging CenterRated 3.6 (9 reviews)

FAQs for CT Scan In Surendranagar Dudhrej, Gujarat

Got query before going for CT scan in Surendranagar Dudhrej? Here are the frequently asked questions we have tried to answer best with our knowledge.

What is the cost of CT scan in Surendranagar Dudhrej?

Well, the cost may vary depending on which CT scan centre you choose. The cost may also vary on the body parts. However, the average cost for a CT scan can vary between 2000-5000 or even more.

What are slices in the CT scan?

Cross-sectional images of the body are referred to as slices in CT scan.

What does it mean by 128 slice in the CT scan?

This is useful in providing high-quality three-dimensional images. It captures the best quality images which are not possible with other range of scanners.

What is meant by 64-slice in the CT scan?

This is used to get high-resolution images through rotation. Moreover, this is useful in reducing scan time for over a few seconds.

What solution is made to drink before the CT scan?

Every patient is not made to drink the solution. Your physician will suggest the procedure. There may be a need to drink oral contrast made of Gastrografin or barium for few patients.

How to prepare for a CT scan?

If you have been asked to do a CT scan with contrast, you should avoid eating for at least 3-4 hours before the scan. You may drink water. However, in the case of a CT scan without a contract, you can eat or drink normally. Your doctor will advise you on how to keep yourself prepared. Follow the instructions of your doctor carefully.

What should I do after the CT scan?

There are no after-effects of this scan. You can continue with your normal routine as usual. Patients can also drink or eat. However, in some cases, you have to wait in the CT scan centre to check if there is any kind of reaction.

Can CT scan discover inflammation?

It can show tumour, inflammation and other problems in the internal organs. It can also reveal lacerations of the liver, spleen or kidney.

How should I stay normal during the CT scan?

Firstly, keep yourself relaxed. Prepare your mind and don't over-think about it. It's just a normal scan. Close your eyes and breathe normally, concentrate on breathing. It’s just a matter of some time.

What if I move during the process?

Any movement during the process may blur the images. Lie done still and avoid movement to get a clear image of your problem.

Can I get my CT scan done with my normal clothes?

You need to change your clothes and wear a hospital gown. Just make sure, you do not have any metal object with you.

Why do doctors suggest CT scan?

A CT scan is suggested to diagnose internal problems such as bone disorders, muscle pain, fractures, blood clot or tumour. After getting your CT scan report the required treatment is done by the doctors.

Is CT scan more effective than ultrasound?

Both the procedures are effective in their own way. However, in a CT scan, you get a better image quality that precisely targets the affected area.

How long will the CT scan process take?

The process may take up to 10-30 minutes or even more. It depends on which body part you are getting scanned.

Which body parts are covered in the CT scan?

While CT scan is usually done for the brain to find out about strokes or head injuries. It is also used to detect any problems in other body parts such as tumours, problems in blood vessels and other serious ailments.

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Dr kuldeep Mori reviewed Krishna Imaging Center
Dr kuldeep Mori - Krishna Imaging Center

RISHI PATEL reviewed Krishna Imaging Center
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Translated by Google AOriginalA

Payal Chauhan reviewed Krishna Imaging Center
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Sergio Almeida reviewed Krishna Imaging Center
Sergio Almeida - Krishna Imaging Center

Imaging center having xray, usg, ct slice and path lab. Wheelchair accessible. Waiting hall with seating available.

niteen patel reviewed Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.
niteen patel - Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.


Mehul Gohil reviewed Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.
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Medical test pathology laboratory

SANSKAR EDUCATION ACADEMY reviewed Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.
SANSKAR EDUCATION ACADEMY - Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.

Very convenient

Shraddha S reviewed Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.
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Good lab facility in centre of city

Jay Sabhani reviewed Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.
Jay Sabhani - Sahyog Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.

Good lab

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Gynec, Surgery and peadiatric Hospital at one place.. and same building

Gunvantray Solanki reviewed C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital
Gunvantray Solanki - C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital

Very good

Shreyansh Shah reviewed C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital
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Easily accessible to almost every people..Very nice administration and very co operative staff

Meghrajsinh Jhala reviewed C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital
Meghrajsinh Jhala - C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital

Good hospitals to All Surendranagar People

Subhash Parmar reviewed C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital
Subhash Parmar - C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital

Very Good Treatment of Corona Patients.Well Done Proud to have this type of hospital in my city

Ritesh Kathrecha reviewed C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital
Ritesh Kathrecha - C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital

Nice hospital and staff treats patient with care.My supervising doctor Sagar Nakum is a nice guy who is so dedicated to his More

Abbas Dawoodi reviewed C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital
Abbas Dawoodi - C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital

it is very big hospital having heart department,physiotherapy department,general ward etc.it os collage adjoining hopspital.there are all type of doctors available here.it is also COVID testing center.it has lift facility,wheel chair More

Niraj Pandit reviewed C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital
Niraj Pandit - C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital

Good medical college of gujarat with very good staff for teaching. Hospital is also very good and services are up to the mark.

Samir Jadav reviewed C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital
Samir Jadav - C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital

C. U. Shah Medical College and Hospital is spread in about acres. The treatment and facilities provided here is of best quality and from best doctors. The fee for any treatment is negligible and provides treatment which is affordable for More

Dr. travellar reviewed C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital
Dr. travellar - C.U.Shah Medical College and Hospital

I studied here, best collage for study , even best days of my life, i miss those days and lots of memories from hostel

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Best performing, well equiped, superb facility, with attractive rates.

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Excellent hospital for Ortho problemsMost ethical, humble and caring doctor.

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Good Tritment

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State of art services..

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You hospital is best

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This hospital but best hospital in the surendranagar...

Vinesh Mithapara reviewed Sava Hospital
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This Hospital is very good work and the best staff and best Doctor

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very good hospital

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Really good hospital for effective treatment at lower expenses.

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This hospital is located in Jorawarnagar town. You can drive here on vehicle. They provide all medical treatments. It is near Jai Ganesh Hero showroom. The hospital follow all hygiene provision and also they keep the premises clean. They charge at economy rates so lower as well as middle class people can afford their services.

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Good service

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Very helpful staff

VISHNU SOLANKI reviewed MI Service Center Surendranagar (Qdigi)
VISHNU SOLANKI - MI Service Center Surendranagar (Qdigi)

Verry happy to say that good staff and provide best services always. In the store work done very quick. my overall feedback is always star . Thank you so much.

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Dhruv reviewed Mudra Imaging Center
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Excellent services..

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Nice facility

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Great company, facilities are star rated. High Quality products matching international standards. Fully Professional and ethical.

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It was good service and treatment provided by the medical health workers. Happy with that. Mr. Jagdish was very helpful in guiding us.

SHAH Rajesh reviewed Gujarat Imaging Centre
SHAH Rajesh - Gujarat Imaging Centre

I visited the center for my wifes Bone scan. I was happy with the staff and the facility being provided. I can suggest all to go to this center.Regards Rajesh Shah

Gautam Patel reviewed Gujarat Imaging Centre
Gautam Patel - Gujarat Imaging Centre

Today i get it done my coronary angiography at gujarat imaging centre. I am fully satisfied with the service which i have got. Thanks to all the staff at gic. Wish you all the best and keep doing the good work.

Harishankar Suthar reviewed Gujarat Imaging Centre
Harishankar Suthar - Gujarat Imaging Centre

Visited for Brain therapy. High tech machines and jagdish from staff hes very friendly. best price one can get. In fact, they are serving humanity. Thanks you mamta madam for your love care and support.

Jaimin Patel reviewed Gujarat Imaging Centre
Jaimin Patel - Gujarat Imaging Centre

Whenever I visited this place, satisfied with their Services. Reasonable rates to comparatively others for all Services. Appreciate their Work and Duties

R. Subramaniam reviewed Gujarat Imaging Centre
R. Subramaniam - Gujarat Imaging Centre

Both my better half and I went to GIC in the afternoon today . While one was for getting a CT Scan of the brain, the other had to get a Xray of the chest. The Sisters at their respective counters asked a few questions so as to More

all videos reviewed Gujarat Imaging Centre
all videos - Gujarat Imaging Centre

Visited this hospital on feb with my mom on am and this hospital has excellent facilities for patients as well as visitors. Neat clean hospital and there bathroom, service are good also. We will recommend more people to visit this hospital if u have any issue regarding stomach problem and want ct scan or mri scan.

Ravindra Tidke reviewed Gujarat Imaging Centre
Ravindra Tidke - Gujarat Imaging Centre

Gujarat imaging center underin samved Hospital building, I found best amongst ,all other MRI center,as I have visited in different cities and different MRI center, they way of comparison of past MRI,is excellent. More

Nupur Brahmbhatt reviewed Gujarat Imaging Centre
Nupur Brahmbhatt - Gujarat Imaging Centre

The staff was very co operative and the doctors explained the process and systems thoroughly. Doctors are well versed and explained us very patiently. The tests were done with a lot of care and concern. The staff looked after the patient very well and doctors did a thorough examination.Overall a comforting experience.Thank You Team.

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Good service, good work, good hospitality

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