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Get quality service at a fair price- Source the best diagnostic centres to get your CT scan in Tiruppur. Are you feeling excessively sick for quite a long time? Then you must have visited your doctor. Has the doctor suggested a CT scan? If yes, then you are at the right place.

At YoScans, we offer you a wide range of CT Scan centres in Tiruppur that offer the best quality CT scan. We help you source the best diagnostic centres right at your fingertips.

12 Best CT Scan Centres In Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu

CT Scan in Tiruppur. Get quote from best CT Scan Centres In Tiruppur.

Medical center in Brighton, Michigan

Brighton Center for Specialty Care

7500 Challis Rd, Brighton, MI 48116

Diagnostic center in Riverdale, New Jersey

Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

44 Route 23 North, STE 100, Riverdale, NJ 07457

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Tiruppur, India


16, Town Extension Third Street, Town Extn, Sheriff Colony Extension, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641604, India

Medical office in Norwood, Ohio

Riverhills Neuroscience

4805 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45212

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Tiruppur, India

Ganesh Scans & Labs

KNP Puram, Odakkadu, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641687, India

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge

3200 Blue Ridge Rd #100, Raleigh, NC 27612

University in Ann Arbor, Michigan

University of Michigan Hospital

1500 E Medical Center Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Huntsville, Alabama

Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville

115 St Clair Ave SE, Huntsville, AL 35801

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Georgia Health Imaging

3653 Lawrenceville Hwy # 150, Lawrenceville, GA 30044

Medical diagnostic imaging center in India

Vishwa Scans

32, Sakthi Theatre Rd, Postal Colony, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641603, India


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CT Scan in Tiruppur

With our ethical values, we make sure to meet your needs. Our team is very dedicated in helping you fix the appointment with the best diagnostic centre. We have made sure to check the background of every CT scan centre listed in our directory. So, you can be sure to find the best diagnostic centre for CT scan in Tiruppur.

YoScans is the best platform that brings diagnostic centres and patients together in the most convenient way. Moreover, our listed diagnostic centres have the best quality scan centres and the reports of their centres are clear and audited at regular intervals. With us, your information is secure and kept confidential.

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We continuously strive to keep you updated with the best diagnostic centres. Our team is always active in updating details about diagnostic centres. At YoScans, you can find the best diagnostic centres at a fair CT scan price in Tiruppur. We make it easy for you to source the right CT scan centres at the ease of your home.

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You can trust our source to find the most impartial reviews. We value your health, hence, we never set back to take you through the reality of diagnostic centres. You can trust us to get a clear insight about the diagnostic centres. We are always at your service to source the best centres for CT scan in Tiruppur. When you have YoScans, you are assured of getting treated right at the CT scan centre.

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We work hard to provide you with a detailed list of the best diagnostic centre. As we understand the patients suffering, we work towards making their job easy. With our listed CT scan centres you can easily diagnose your health condition with a fair CT scan price in Tiruppur. We provide a platform where our customers can get easy access to the best CT scan centres.

Moreover, we provide detailed information on all the listed diagnosis centres in our directory. You can also contact us if you have any query and we make sure you get a satisfactory answer.

CT ScanAvg. Cost
NCCT HEAD in Tiruppur1800
CECT HEAD in Tiruppur2500
NCCT PNS in Tiruppur3500
CECT PNS in Tiruppur4000
HRCT PNS in Tiruppur3500
NCCT ORBIT in Tiruppur2500
CECT ORBIT in Tiruppur3500
HRCT TEMPORAL BONE in Tiruppur4000
NCCT NECK in Tiruppur3500
CECT NECK in Tiruppur4000
NCCT CHEST in Tiruppur3500
CECT CHEST in Tiruppur4000
HRCT CHEST in Tiruppur4000
CECT U/ABD in Tiruppur4000
CECT L/ABD in Tiruppur4000
CECT WABD in Tiruppur6000
NCCT KUB in Tiruppur3500
CECT KUB in Tiruppur4000
NCCT JOINTS JOINT in Tiruppur3500
NCCT SPINE in Tiruppur3500
CT ANGIO BRAIN in Tiruppur9000
CT UROGRAPHY in Tiruppur9000
CT B/L LOWER LIMBS in Tiruppur9000
CT B/L UPPER LIMBS in Tiruppur9000

List of CT Scan centres in Tiruppur

Sr.Centre NameRatings
#1Brighton Center for Specialty CareRated 4.6 (25 reviews)
#2Progressive Diagnostic ImagingRated 4.9 (98 reviews)
#3UNITED SCAN CENTERRated 4.3 (57 reviews)
#4Riverhills NeuroscienceRated 3.1 (54 reviews)
#5Ganesh Scans & LabsRated 3.1 (11 reviews)
#6Raleigh Radiology Blue RidgeRated 3.5 (102 reviews)
#7University of Michigan HospitalRated 3.7 (357 reviews)
#8Outpatient Diagnostic Center of HuntsvilleRated 3.9 (41 reviews)
#9Georgia Health ImagingRated 3.6 (32 reviews)
#10Vishwa ScansRated 3.7 (16 reviews)

FAQs for CT Scan In Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu

Got query before going for CT scan in Tiruppur? Here are the frequently asked questions we have tried to answer best with our knowledge.

What is the cost of CT scan in Tiruppur?

Well, the cost may vary depending on which CT scan centre you choose. The cost may also vary on the body parts. However, the average cost for a CT scan can vary between 2000-5000 or even more.

What are slices in the CT scan?

Cross-sectional images of the body are referred to as slices in CT scan.

What does it mean by 128 slice in the CT scan?

This is useful in providing high-quality three-dimensional images. It captures the best quality images which are not possible with other range of scanners.

What is meant by 64-slice in the CT scan?

This is used to get high-resolution images through rotation. Moreover, this is useful in reducing scan time for over a few seconds.

What solution is made to drink before the CT scan?

Every patient is not made to drink the solution. Your physician will suggest the procedure. There may be a need to drink oral contrast made of Gastrografin or barium for few patients.

How to prepare for a CT scan?

If you have been asked to do a CT scan with contrast, you should avoid eating for at least 3-4 hours before the scan. You may drink water. However, in the case of a CT scan without a contract, you can eat or drink normally. Your doctor will advise you on how to keep yourself prepared. Follow the instructions of your doctor carefully.

What should I do after the CT scan?

There are no after-effects of this scan. You can continue with your normal routine as usual. Patients can also drink or eat. However, in some cases, you have to wait in the CT scan centre to check if there is any kind of reaction.

Can CT scan discover inflammation?

It can show tumour, inflammation and other problems in the internal organs. It can also reveal lacerations of the liver, spleen or kidney.

How should I stay normal during the CT scan?

Firstly, keep yourself relaxed. Prepare your mind and don't over-think about it. It's just a normal scan. Close your eyes and breathe normally, concentrate on breathing. It’s just a matter of some time.

What if I move during the process?

Any movement during the process may blur the images. Lie done still and avoid movement to get a clear image of your problem.

Can I get my CT scan done with my normal clothes?

You need to change your clothes and wear a hospital gown. Just make sure, you do not have any metal object with you.

Why do doctors suggest CT scan?

A CT scan is suggested to diagnose internal problems such as bone disorders, muscle pain, fractures, blood clot or tumour. After getting your CT scan report the required treatment is done by the doctors.

Is CT scan more effective than ultrasound?

Both the procedures are effective in their own way. However, in a CT scan, you get a better image quality that precisely targets the affected area.

How long will the CT scan process take?

The process may take up to 10-30 minutes or even more. It depends on which body part you are getting scanned.

Which body parts are covered in the CT scan?

While CT scan is usually done for the brain to find out about strokes or head injuries. It is also used to detect any problems in other body parts such as tumours, problems in blood vessels and other serious ailments.

Based on 177+ user reviews of 10 businesses

Maricela Navarro reviewed Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center
Maricela Navarro - Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center

Really nice staff they explain everything well and their prices are affordable too compared to others in the region.

Requiem for a Tuesday reviewed Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center
Requiem for a Tuesday - Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center

Friendly staff and technicians. Clean and pleasant atmosphere.

Curtie b reviewed Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center
Curtie b - Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center

Visted Southlake imaging recently for a MRI of lower back. Office staff was friendly and overall tge experience was pleasent. Porter hospital wanted more money for the same procedure. Will definitely use Southlake imaging in the future.

aaron osenkarski reviewed Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center
aaron osenkarski - Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center

Incredibly fast chest xray with no appointment. Very helpful and Friendly.

C Odell reviewed Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center
C Odell - Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center

This place is so professional I love this place. It is better than going to the hospital and waiting for a long period. The prices are so low and offer cash prices ONLY for MRI and for CT scan and they included radiologist More

Dana Barker reviewed Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center
Dana Barker - Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center

Staff is outstanding The girls are all very nice and knowledgeable Highly recommend Thanks ladies

Shawn Kreczmer reviewed Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center
Shawn Kreczmer - Southlake MRI & Diagnostic Center

Super friendly staff. Definitely would recommend this place.

Carla Lawrence reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Carla Lawrence - Lexington Diagnostic Center

Very nice technicians that took great care in making me feel comfortable during the procedure.

Steven Davis reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Steven Davis - Lexington Diagnostic Center

To be in such an uncomfortable position on the flat table of the MRI scan the incredible staff at Lexington Diagnostic Center made me feel very comfortable. They are very professional and very personable. I would recommend LDC to anybody who needs a scan. Thank you LDC...

Paul Boyles reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Paul Boyles - Lexington Diagnostic Center

The scheduling and check in process was very easy. The staff was efficient and friendly. Definitely a much easier and cost effective option to using a hospital. I will return to Lexington Diagnostic whenever I need xrays or an MRI.

gary renner reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
gary renner - Lexington Diagnostic Center

Service was excellent and very friendly staff. Had mri without and with contrast and they explained everything very well and was very efficient. Would definitely recommend.

Teresa Mcdonald reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Teresa Mcdonald - Lexington Diagnostic Center

The staff was very professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable and was explained on what to expect during screening. I was in and out in no time. Will highly recommend.

Brendan Burnett reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Brendan Burnett - Lexington Diagnostic Center

Quick and easy check in. Not much of a wait. Very efficient process. Comfortable procedure, as comfortable as possible laying in a tube for an hour. Staff was kind and thoughtful. As good an experience as it gets.

Brant Allen reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Brant Allen - Lexington Diagnostic Center

I had a very efficient and safe experience this morning. Lee was very friendly and informative. He walked me through each step prior to my scan and kept me informed along the way. Thank you Lee for the excellent job

Brenda Wallace reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Brenda Wallace - Lexington Diagnostic Center

I was very fortunate to get an appointment the same day I called. Trina was extremely helpful. I greatly appreciated her help. All the staff were very helpful, courteous and greeted you with a smile. It was a great experience.

Karen T reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Karen T - Lexington Diagnostic Center

Lexington Diagnostic Center was great I was seen on time, within minutes of my appointment time Everyone was so friendly.I especially appreciated Meagan and Abigail They were very kind and made me More

Kim Sword reviewed Lexington Diagnostic Center
Kim Sword - Lexington Diagnostic Center

I have received MRIs at Lexington Diagnostic Center in the past year. I am severely claustrophobic . The staff at this facility were so kind and considerate . They took the time to show me the machines and carefully explained the scan. More

Demara Walker reviewed Karmanos Cancer Institute
Demara Walker - Karmanos Cancer Institute

The staff there are very friendly and helpful my fiance knows most of the nurses. I really think hes in a great place when he goes. Thank you karmanos for everything you have done

Lori McGrath reviewed Karmanos Cancer Institute
Lori McGrath - Karmanos Cancer Institute

I was never there but my nephew Christopher was treated there for his Leukemia. Sadly he passed away on Tues June th from the illness. My sister would brag about the staff and nurses and Dr.s there that took care of him when he had his More

Alex Szilagyi reviewed Karmanos Cancer Institute
Alex Szilagyi - Karmanos Cancer Institute

The best nurses are at KarmanosI just left a six day stay in room at the Karmanos Cancer hospital in More

mickjo6284 reviewed Karmanos Cancer Institute
mickjo6284 - Karmanos Cancer Institute

Best cancer center in the area. Best BMT center you can go too.

Kristen Hennessy reviewed UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Kristen Hennessy - UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Im in the early phases of working with the Hillman Cancer Center. I have been extremely impressed. When my friend overseas got awful news and gave me the goahead to start helping her find care here, I thought Its Friday, nothing will More

amy salmon reviewed UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
amy salmon - UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

This place saved my life I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in August of . They sent me to hillman for treatment. I am now in REMISSION Dr. Raptis really took care of me His team is so caring and thorough I hate that I have More

Steve Leindecker reviewed UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Steve Leindecker - UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Dr. Sehgal and the staff on the th Floor are all awesome. Everyone is professional but also very friendly. They strive to put you at ease and make all procedures as comfortable as possible. The medical expertise of Dr. Sehgal is impressive More

Anthony Skillpa reviewed UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Anthony Skillpa - UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Very nice staff. They make you feel safe and the Doctors actually listen to you, so they can better understand your own personal situation.

Julie Eiler reviewed UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Julie Eiler - UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

This is your first step to making the word cancer make sense. Stage four lung cancer consumed every thought and prayer until Dr.Burns ment with us. Journey started for my husband and father of our children. Still going strong..thank u all. Hugs.

Mary McTiernan reviewed UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Mary McTiernan - UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

My experience here was way above average. Dr. Pietro and his physicians assistant Stephanie Kaiser are the best. My husband and I were both patients there and we couldnt ask for more compassion and understanding. We both are cancer free More

Denise Hill reviewed UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Denise Hill - UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Went to drop off images..the staff were very helpful and polite..thank you

Hapazard Vagabond reviewed Trinity Medical Center West
Hapazard Vagabond - Trinity Medical Center West

Quality care from Nurse and other staff members, good food, clean room.

Michael G reviewed Trinity Medical Center West
Michael G - Trinity Medical Center West

The wife needed blood work done New Years day on a last minute whim and no options in our area Pittsburgh West were open. Random hospital sewrches in Weirton and Steubenville mins away brought a friendly staff menber who confirmed More

Philip Huffman reviewed Trinity Medical Center West
Philip Huffman - Trinity Medical Center West

Took great care of my daughter in the middle of the night after a scooter accident. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors who helped her. I know what its like to be up all night working in stressful situations, and I am grateful for all of your good work and help.

John Fields reviewed Trinity Medical Center West
John Fields - Trinity Medical Center West

Great care however they got rid of the Wellness Menu and patients can no longer choose what they want. In the days I was there I was served the most deplorable food Ive ever consumed. Please bring back the Wellness Menu It was appreciated.

Beverly Irwin reviewed Trinity Medical Center West
Beverly Irwin - Trinity Medical Center West

Very clean great nurses an aides maintance people .Cafteria people. Everyone was wonderful

Matt Nicholson reviewed Schneck Medical Center
Matt Nicholson - Schneck Medical Center

Excellent hospital in seymour indiana

Kiara Harmoni reviewed Schneck Medical Center
Kiara Harmoni - Schneck Medical Center

I wont bore anyone with all the details about my own medical situation. Beside, Id rather keep it private, if you know what I mean....

Abdul Hasim reviewed Schneck Medical Center
Abdul Hasim - Schneck Medical Center

Staff up front was super prompt and very friendly We walked in with no appointment and didnt wait at all. We were immediately greeted and handed paperwork.

Dicky Joseph reviewed Schneck Medical Center
Dicky Joseph - Schneck Medical Center

Never personally had an issue. My surgeries went fine and most of the staff are pleasant.

Joe Clark reviewed Schneck Medical Center
Joe Clark - Schneck Medical Center

After reading reviews i was not looking forward to being brought to this place. I was totally wrong everyone in this hospital was extremely friendly and caring top notch care and experience if i was a hour away id make the trip just so i More

Robert Stanbary Jr. reviewed Schneck Medical Center
Robert Stanbary Jr. - Schneck Medical Center

I have been a patient of SMC since . They have been the best at caring, courtesy, and reapect. I would refer them to anyone.

Omer Ginther reviewed Schneck Medical Center
Omer Ginther - Schneck Medical Center

I had my weight loss surgery Im so happy I got it done I am feeling wonderful and Im able to walk. Thank you for Doctor was the best and his wonderful team they were the best

Rashi Sahu reviewed Schneck Medical Center
Rashi Sahu - Schneck Medical Center

I had the best experience at the center for aesthetic medicine I went in to get my lips done and it was my first time getting any kind of filler done and it was the most comfortable experience From the moment I walked in and was greeted More

Kelli Creighton reviewed Riverhills Neuroscience
Kelli Creighton - Riverhills Neuroscience

I had a spinal fusion surgery to alleviate severe pain and it couldnt have gone better. I have zero pain now. Dr Neumann and Mary Ellen were wonderful. I highly recommend to anyone with back pain.

Ally McBeath reviewed Riverhills Neuroscience
Ally McBeath - Riverhills Neuroscience

Dr. Caneris is absolutely amazing. I suffered a bad back injury from a fall. He was the first doctor to actually provide me with treatments and pain relief. I dont think I would have survived if I didnt find Riverhills. The staff is wondering and efficient. They take care of you. If you are suffering, please give them a try.

Kim Pickett reviewed Riverhills Neuroscience
Kim Pickett - Riverhills Neuroscience

Dr. Marsha Smith is very kind and compassionate. Took time to answer all questions without feeling rushed out the door Would highly recommend MRI staff also great. They explained everything that would be happening and made sure any questions were answered.

Kim McCoy reviewed Riverhills Neuroscience
Kim McCoy - Riverhills Neuroscience

My year old mother was referred to Dr. Hibbs following a horrendous fall. We both were so impressed by Dr. Hibbs. Mom had Dr. Hibbs full attention and she was very patient with mom. Dr. Hibbs took notes on paper She made eye contact More

Deborah Moore reviewed Riverhills Neuroscience
Deborah Moore - Riverhills Neuroscience

I have been going to Riverhills for over two years now.All my doctors and specialists are here.I wont go anywhere else except for my primary care doctor.Ive already refered people to the pain doctor Eli Cianciolo.Excellent specialist.very More

Crystal Richardson reviewed Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge
Crystal Richardson - Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge

On July , I went for two appointments here at Raleigh Radiology and the staff was impeccable. I am so glad to see the wonderful changes they have made due to their setback on last year. Things are improving hopefully by leaps and More

Anthony Fink reviewed Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge
Anthony Fink - Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge

The Team at Raleigh Radiology is top notch The service, attention to detail and knowledge is unsurpassed. Big thank you to Drs. Satish Mathan Jeff Browne. Raleigh Radiology puts the care into Healthcare

JJW reviewed Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge
JJW - Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge

A misunderstanding with an employee that left me feeling disregarded has been handled professionally and respectfully. Thank you for what you do in these really tough times. Hopefully I can edit with s after my procedure.

Michelle Wright reviewed Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge
Michelle Wright - Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge

EVERYTHING was wonderful My doctors office told me I needed to pick up the contrast to drink for my CT the day before my procedure. So I showed up Thursday morning to pick up the contrast for my CT scan on Friday. Everyone one was super More

Keifford Spence reviewed Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge
Keifford Spence - Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge

I am very pleased to recommend this practice for any radiological testing needs you may have. The staff were professional, courteous, and efficient providing the services my primary physician had ordered.

Yvonne Macklin reviewed Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge
Yvonne Macklin - Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge

Woooowww. Jenn, Sara, and Dr ShekletonDr Pepper did a great job today. They were so quick and made me feel right at home. They were so friendly, I forgot why I was there. I appreciate the Avengers. Good job.

Sheila K reviewed Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge
Sheila K - Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge

Great experience Pam the radiology tech made it a great first experience. She was detailed in explaining the procedure and made an anxious filled first timer feel comfortable.

Toni Harris reviewed Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge
Toni Harris - Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge

My experience with Raleigh Radiology on Blue Ridge Road was excellent. Ryan was very pleasant and fast at checkin. Takita greeted me with a smile and cheerful greeting during registration. Sarah was very thorough and took the time to More

Lori David reviewed University of Michigan Hospital
Lori David - University of Michigan Hospital

Would give stars if we could Oh my , everyone is sooo nice and helpful Doctors are Great, so are all the attendants Thank you oh so much

Jessica Stowers reviewed University of Michigan Hospital
Jessica Stowers - University of Michigan Hospital


Melinda Eastman reviewed University of Michigan Hospital
Melinda Eastman - University of Michigan Hospital

It was kind of awkward how many patients were in preop and postop at the same time. A bunch ofBeds and curtains at local hospitals Ive always been alone in a private area. More

Marta Wyngaard reviewed University of Michigan Hospital
Marta Wyngaard - University of Michigan Hospital

The cafeteria is located on the second floor of the hospital. It has a good menu with a lot of variety from what to chose. After a healthy salad, I had a tea with chocolate cookies that were delicious.

Cole Grant reviewed UPMC
Cole Grant - UPMC


Phyllis Parkhurst reviewed UPMC
Phyllis Parkhurst - UPMC

I was a patient first in trauma unit for head trauma and received excellent care from all involved. The doctor, name escapes me, I believe it was Dr. Humerelle but he was excellent, needs stars for his care. More

Rebecca Applebee reviewed Canton Health Center
Rebecca Applebee - Canton Health Center

We always have a good experience when visiting Dr. Brinley..He is very patient and cares..

Vicki Davidowitz reviewed Canton Health Center
Vicki Davidowitz - Canton Health Center

Good people and very concerned with all questions. Especially helpful during this pandemic. I am glad I have Michigan Medicine on my side.

Kim Centofanti reviewed Brighton Center for Specialty Care
Kim Centofanti - Brighton Center for Specialty Care

VERY clean, professional, inviting Overall..exceptional treatment

Steve Perry reviewed Brighton Center for Specialty Care
Steve Perry - Brighton Center for Specialty Care

My son was sent here to have his tonsils and adenoids removed as well as tubes in his ears. The staff here has been absolutely wonderful. Very attentive. Never made me or my wife feel like we were asking stupid questions. Made sure my son was recovering well. Would definitely recommend this place that anyone with kids

Brayden reviewed Brighton Center for Specialty Care
Brayden - Brighton Center for Specialty Care

Exquisite care. I cant even put into words how attentive, kind, and considerate all the staffing is. I really appreciate how considerate and validating the nursing staff is overall, thank you so much for all that youve done for me and continue to do for others. By far the best.

Chisa Pinion reviewed Brighton Center for Specialty Care
Chisa Pinion - Brighton Center for Specialty Care

The sleep center staff are AMAZING Seriously, we want to just hang out with Duncan and Matt Lol. Beautiful new building. Beds are comfy.

Tony Sabo reviewed Brighton Center for Specialty Care
Tony Sabo - Brighton Center for Specialty Care

Robert James Morrison was awesome to see. He was so thorough and nice My ENT in Lansing was a bad experience. I have heard from three different doctors that they always send their patients to UofM and skip the Lansing office altogether. More

Steve Bilbrey reviewed Brighton Center for Specialty Care
Steve Bilbrey - Brighton Center for Specialty Care

These guys always have your back, no games here much appreciated.

Don O reviewed Brighton Center for Specialty Care
Don O - Brighton Center for Specialty Care

My wife comes here for various medical issues and is very happy with her care. Nice offices as an added bonus.

Angie Alonso reviewed Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville
Angie Alonso - Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville

Very friendly and quick. Liked the atmosphere

Drew Rochelle reviewed Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville
Drew Rochelle - Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville

The staff was professional as well as warm and friendly. I was very impressed with the staff and facility. They made an anxiety filled test a pleasant experience. If there was a six star rating I would have given that.

Carol Drake reviewed Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville
Carol Drake - Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville

Excellent tech, Anita

tia moore reviewed Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville
tia moore - Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville

Every test my Doctors order, I come here...great place, everyone is so nice and efficient. Havent had to wait long at all plus I can get several tests here and not have to go all over Huntsville. A Highly recommended.

Loretta Heflin reviewed Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville
Loretta Heflin - Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville

Great staff. Stacy was so warm and kind. And Jordan was a pro.

Kelly Firestine reviewed Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville
Kelly Firestine - Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville

I needed to have a mammogram and screening breast ultrasound because I have been told I have dense breasts. They scheduled me right away. I spent hardly any time at check in. I was taken back for my exam so quickly I barely had time to More

Eula Evans reviewed Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville
Eula Evans - Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Huntsville

Thank you for the service,it was great Deana and LaDanya were great.Thank you, ms.evans

Brad Gober reviewed Georgia Health Imaging
Brad Gober - Georgia Health Imaging

I was there today for a heart echocardiogram and I couldnt be more happy with the friendly service. Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable. They were also ,. cheaper than going to the hospital for the same test. They real care about their patients.

Rochelle Lewis reviewed Georgia Health Imaging
Rochelle Lewis - Georgia Health Imaging

I needed an echocardiography and my deductible at the hospital wouldve been .. I called Georgia Health imaging and paid .. Georgia Health imaging cares about their patients health, Explains detail information about your test Results. professional, relaxing atmosphere.The best

scash79 reviewed Georgia Health Imaging
scash79 - Georgia Health Imaging

These ladies are the best They fit me in for an ultrasound last minute on a Friday when no where else would. They took the time to make me feel comfortable and went out of their way to help me to better understand the procedure and my condition. I highly recommend this place if youre in need of an ultrasound

King James reviewed Georgia Health Imaging
King James - Georgia Health Imaging

Went in yesterday. Great family staff environment. Fast friendly. Great price. Service came wit a compact disk to take to my primary care physician. They faxed my images as well for appointment today

Marianne Morgan reviewed Georgia Health Imaging
Marianne Morgan - Georgia Health Imaging

Everyone was extremely nice, they accommodated me on short notice, I had both a bone density scan and a lung Xray. The results were sent to my PCP the very next day. I highly recommend this place.

Walter Feble reviewed Georgia Health Imaging
Walter Feble - Georgia Health Imaging

Excellent service and Wonderful staff. Had all the information I needed and would recommend to my Family and Friends. Thank you.

Michelle Olsen reviewed Georgia Health Imaging
Michelle Olsen - Georgia Health Imaging

My echocardiogram was going to cost thru my insurance so called around and found GA Health Imaging for . Huge savings. The care was excellent. Everything was explained to me as the testing was being done. I felt comfortable and was treated with kindness. I would definitely go back again

Janet Spooner reviewed Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
Janet Spooner - Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

I love this place, from the st call, Jeanette so helpful and pleasant , to the reception and all the staff is just wonderful. I love Chicky. They treat you with total professionalism. Would recommend highly

Roxi Roxi reviewed Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
Roxi Roxi - Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

I had to have an MRI and MRA done. I am extremely claustrophobic so at my first appointment I attempted several times to get this done and I just could not do it. The technician, Chic, was amazing. She is very patient and kind and really More

Perry Buongiorno reviewed Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
Perry Buongiorno - Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

What I like about Progressive Diagnostic is that its not a larger imaging center. It makes it more personal and less stressful. Of course needing an MRI or the thought of it causes anxiety in most. So having the open MRI made things so More

Carol Magazino reviewed Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
Carol Magazino - Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

I had an MRI. The technician spoke to me often and checked on how I was doing. It was surprisingly quick and easy. I recommend them

Kelly Kiernan reviewed Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
Kelly Kiernan - Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

Outstanding facilityFrom the moment you arrive the staff is professional, kind, courteous and kind. The place is so clean and organized, it was amazing I felt very safe with all More

Xtreme power Washing reviewed Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
Xtreme power Washing - Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

I just recently had my MRI done at this facility and it was a wonderful experience dealing with such a wonderful staff. They all were very helpful, caring and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

TheSnowdriver576 reviewed Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
TheSnowdriver576 - Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

Yesterday was my first ever MRI.I am very thankful to the entire staff of Progressive Diagnostic Imaging for making my MRI a safe, easy and pleasant experience. More

Yvette Hausleben reviewed Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
Yvette Hausleben - Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

This was my first time getting a MRI.Everyone has told me a bunch of horror stories about MRIs.But I have to say this place was so nice and friendly. Everyone was so cheerful More

Mike Griffiths reviewed Progressive Diagnostic Imaging
Mike Griffiths - Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

Very professional, super clean and wonderful staff. Especially the MRI technician. Im claustrophobic and they helped me immensely. Highly recommend this place if you are also.

sai nath reviewed Tirupur Scan Centre
sai nath - Tirupur Scan Centre

Priya Sekar reviewed Tirupur Scan Centre
Priya Sekar - Tirupur Scan Centre

Amsaraj A reviewed UNITED SCAN CENTER

Good place affordable price


Very professional and precise scanning at reasonable price. Right advice and information given to patients. Highly recommended.

Elavenil E reviewed UNITED SCAN CENTER

Best health care service in Tirupur. Good caring and polite staffs with affordable price. Thanks for your great work

095 Nasrin.M reviewed UNITED SCAN CENTER

Cheap and best...scan cost is low comparing to other centers...very friendly staffs..happiee and felt good experience....clear and detailed reportthe best place to scan


Good Experience and affordable priceLocated at the Tirupur city


Nurses are very calm. Quick and accurate results. Thank u

inamul hasan reviewed UNITED SCAN CENTER
inamul hasan - UNITED SCAN CENTER

Good place for scan related services.. price also less.. staffs are supportive.

Priyanka B reviewed UNITED SCAN CENTER

Lunch time and break time havent mentioned properly ...otherwise good

Prabhu Prabhu reviewed Vishwa Scans
Prabhu Prabhu - Vishwa Scans

Anbu Ramesh reviewed Vishwa Scans
Anbu Ramesh - Vishwa Scans

Very descend place

Mani Kandan reviewed Vishwa Scans
Mani Kandan - Vishwa Scans

Very good place and caring is Soo very well

K. ANANTH Nethaji reviewed Vishwa Scans
K. ANANTH Nethaji - Vishwa Scans

Good service. Near Tirupur New Bus stand.Affordable cost..

dine dinesh reviewed Vishwa Scans
dine dinesh - Vishwa Scans

Its very nice place to scan... Handling very polite and soft manner.... Dr.Vino Adithi Vaishnavi.. she is very good in scanning.......

Dr.Raja K reviewed Ganesh Scans & Labs
Dr.Raja K - Ganesh Scans & Labs

Deenadayal P reviewed Ganesh Scans & Labs
Deenadayal P - Ganesh Scans & Labs

Rajesh Karunanithi reviewed Ganesh Scans & Labs
Rajesh Karunanithi - Ganesh Scans & Labs

vishnu priya reviewed Ganesh Scans & Labs
vishnu priya - Ganesh Scans & Labs

Ashok GOVINDAN KUTTY reviewed Ganesh Scans & Labs
Ashok GOVINDAN KUTTY - Ganesh Scans & Labs

best dignostic centre in tirupur good ambience helpful staff afforadble pricing accurate results