Frankfort Regional Medical Center

Frankfort Regional Medical Center

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About Frankfort Regional Medical Center

Hospital in Frankfort, Kentucky

Frankfort Regional Medical Center is one of the Hospital in Frankfort, Kentucky. You can get Frankfort Regional Medical Center contact details, reviews, rating, address and book appointment for best CT Scan in Jehanabad with YoScans.

From Frankfort Regional Medical CenterFrankfort Regional Medical Center is a bed, acute care facility and Level III Trauma Center

How to book appointment with Frankfort Regional Medical Center

You can book appointment with Frankfort Regional Medical Center at YoScans either by calling directly their contact number, (502) 875-5240 or by filling the form below.

You can also visit the centre at 299 Kings Daughters Dr, Frankfort, KY 40601. Before visiting the centre, make sure to confirm by calling at their contact numbers.

Based on 481 user reviews

Sue Carter reviewed Frankfort Regional Medical Center
Sue Carter

Ive always received excellent care at this hospital, much better than the big hospitals. My only complaint is after I was told I could go we waited almost an hour for someone to remove my IV and ultimately my husband had to find someone to do it. But it is after all a hospital and Im sure there were other people to tend to.

DuVall Joyce reviewed Frankfort Regional Medical Center
DuVall Joyce

My husband had been in St E Hospital in NKY a few weeks earlier to his stay with Frankfort. I tried several timespeople to get the records from that stay. I thought someones medical history information was important, but it seemed no More

Anna Stayton reviewed Frankfort Regional Medical Center
Anna Stayton

The nurse who did my Covid swab couldve at least given a heads up of when she was shoving the qtip to the back of my brain. Everyone else was great

Becky Brown reviewed Frankfort Regional Medical Center
Becky Brown

If I could do . I probably would, even though I thought the swift diagnosis, the emergency surgery, the after care in the hospital were all star. The only thing was upon departure from the hospital, I didnt know for sure what my diet More

Nancy Rocke reviewed Frankfort Regional Medical Center
Nancy Rocke

From the fear of Covid, I had rescheduled my test. Then I purposely waited until after the day waiting period after my Booster Vaccine against Covid to have the test done. Everyone was very nice and courteous. However, I was very More

Deanna Tyson reviewed Frankfort Regional Medical Center
Deanna Tyson

I came in early in the morning for chest pains. The staff was super friendly for in the morning. My nurses Melissa and Jennifer were amazing. Dr. Shaw was in that morning and he was friendly and asking questions and made things so much More

Charles Riggs reviewed Frankfort Regional Medical Center
Charles Riggs

I was seen in the ER recently and received excellent care. The staff were courteous and thorough and friendly throughout. As an RN I can really appreciate the quality of their work. More

Jeannie Buttry reviewed Frankfort Regional Medical Center
Jeannie Buttry

Had an MRI done of both my knees. Everything went smooth and pretty quick. There were a few people ahead of me but overall I only had to wait about mins before they got me back so I dont think that was bad at all. This is my second time More

brad Goodwin reviewed Frankfort Regional Medical Center
brad Goodwin

We were in from out of town and my wife had a severe kidney stone attack. Went to the ER where the staff was excellent. My thanks to the very good male nurse we had and a good doctor. She was taken back quickly, and treated quickly as well. They were kind and compassionate.