Lexington Clinic East

Lexington Clinic East

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About Lexington Clinic East

Medical clinic in Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington Clinic East is one of the Medical clinic in Lexington, Kentucky. You can get Lexington Clinic East contact details, reviews, rating, address and book appointment for best CT Scan in Jehanabad with YoScans.

How to book appointment with Lexington Clinic East

You can book appointment with Lexington Clinic East at YoScans either by calling directly their contact number, (859) 258-4000 or by filling the form below.

You can also visit the centre at 100 N Eagle Creek Dr, Lexington, KY 40509. Before visiting the centre, make sure to confirm by calling at their contact numbers.

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Bryan Plunkett reviewed Lexington Clinic East
Bryan Plunkett

I feel that Chrissy may need furtherTraining in how to properly talk an treat patients with anxiety an depression disorder. I felt vary uncomfortable an not heard or understood during my first, More

Wendy Berryman reviewed Lexington Clinic East
Wendy Berryman

Second year in a row I have had a terrible experience The lady who does their mammograms is rough when she is positioning breasts in the machine. Last year, she pinched my arm in the machine. This year, without any warning, she ripped the More

Heather Perraut reviewed Lexington Clinic East
Heather Perraut

Just dont go...

Katrin Lindner reviewed Lexington Clinic East
Katrin Lindner

I was seen by Mrs. Erica Malley PA, and I have to admit, this has been the best I felt taken care of in a long, long time well, I hardly ever go to the doctor Attentive, listening and solution oriented. Hardly any waiting time, follow up More

A. S. reviewed Lexington Clinic East
A. S.

Was transferred times to reach the correct office. Waited mins and the call still didnt get picked up. Has patient portal thats super inefficient to use. Login blocked after changing password saying that my user email address More

Katie Glazier reviewed Lexington Clinic East
Katie Glazier

I was seen by Dr. Eason at this clinic. I had an overall very pleasant experience with the doctor, nurses, and registrar.

BillyTheKid reviewed Lexington Clinic East

Some people care about people, some doctors care about money, and after getting paid then they find time to care about their patients. Ill give you a hint what this operation is, avoid unless you dont mind being seen as a means to an end of paying bills.

S Bi reviewed Lexington Clinic East
S Bi

They turn people away that didnt know they had to pay a copay instead of just sending the bill. Talk about a waste of time and energy. I guess skin cancer is a secondary to a copay to these doctors. More

Ralph Pate reviewed Lexington Clinic East
Ralph Pate

MIC see you real soon...KEY why Because we love the Ophthalmology department at Lexington Clinic East

Amber Lakin reviewed Lexington Clinic East
Amber Lakin

Great experience and care having my daughter with Dr Neace and Dr Eason she actually delivered both were amazing, personable and compassionate