Lifescan Imaging Centre

Lifescan Imaging Centre

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About Lifescan Imaging Centre

Diagnostic center in Mumbai, India

Lifescan Imaging Centre is one of the Diagnostic center in Mumbai, India. You can get Lifescan Imaging Centre contact details, reviews, rating, address and book appointment for best CT Scan in Mumbai with YoScans.

CT SCAN Computed Tomography scan is a medical imaging procedure that uses computerprocessed combinations of many Xray measurements taken from different angles to produce crosssectional images of specific areas of a scanned object, allowing the user to see inside the object without cutting . ANDMRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a medical imaging technique that uses a magnetic field and computergenerated radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues in your body.

How to book appointment with Lifescan Imaging Centre

You can book appointment with Lifescan Imaging Centre at YoScans either by calling directly their contact number, +91 22 2880 5555 or by filling the form below.

You can also visit the centre at 1, "C" Wing, Hetal Arch, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064, India. Before visiting the centre, make sure to confirm by calling at their contact numbers.

Based on 66 user reviews

kajal khakharia reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
kajal khakharia

Wonderful experience. Staff is very cooperative. Good ambience neat and clean.

Ashok Bhimra reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
Ashok Bhimra

Appointment was pm but actually took inside .pm. Such kind of unprofessional behaviour is not expected for highly paid medical service like MRICT Scan. If you dont care about your customers patients, you will soon not have any.....just a suggestion not advice

Lalit Choudhary reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
Lalit Choudhary

I had worst experience with this centre, we were been told to wait for hour and after that i got my number for appointment for brain scan. There machine is so pathetic I was not comfortable with the brain scan and I was not able to More

Hitesh Katpara reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
Hitesh Katpara

Awesome service and classy management.........very good set up

Daivik Salve reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
Daivik Salve

The Team is Very Much Experienced and Customer Support is Excellent. Thanks toGanesh Sumesara, for his Availability for us. Keep up the Good Service.

Dr Pramathesh Panchal reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
Dr Pramathesh Panchal

It was a very good experience when we had our own know person who required CT scan. She was very poor and had no way to get tests done. People and relatives asked for charges at several places and felt they just cant afford the charges. More

Ratnaraj Sheth reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
Ratnaraj Sheth

I had been to this place with my wife. The staff is helpful. And the best thing is THEY HAVE RECENTLY INSTALLED LATEST MACHINES. The result is accurate too. Would recommend everyone for this MRI centre. Go for it

Mitul Choksey reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
Mitul Choksey

It is the best MRI CT Scan Center in Malad. Doctors of this diagnostic center are very professional. Best part is they have recently upgraded all their equipments. Best service at affordable rates. God bless the doctors.

Rohan B reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
Rohan B

The wait time was unacceptable. I was given an appointment for pm but has to wait for AN HOUR AND FORTY MINUTES before I could get the MRI done.

Sanyukta Kaza reviewed Lifescan Imaging Centre
Sanyukta Kaza

The place is good, the staff is excellent especially this woman called parul. She just stood by my side when I asked her to . The only glitch I faced was the guy who did my contrast. He kept pushing the needle in absolute rush , and in multiple places. He seemed haphazard, if not for him the rest of the staff was perfect