M1 Imaging Center

M1 Imaging Center

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About M1 Imaging Center

MRI center in Berkley, Michigan

M1 Imaging Center is one of the MRI center in Berkley, Michigan. You can get M1 Imaging Center contact details, reviews, rating, address and book appointment for best MRI Scan in Ballia with YoScans.

How to book appointment with M1 Imaging Center

You can book appointment with M1 Imaging Center at YoScans either by calling directly their contact number, (248) 268-2119 or by filling the form below.

You can also visit the centre at 27501 Woodward Ave, Berkley, MI 48072. Before visiting the centre, make sure to confirm by calling at their contact numbers.

Based on 11 user reviews

Mimoza Shkembi reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Mimoza Shkembi

Michelle Capaldi reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Michelle Capaldi

This is by far the best place to get an MRI. They try to make it as enjoyable as possible. They work around your schedule and take late night appointments, let you choose what music you want to listen to, and have a very clean facility. I highly recommend coming here.

Namaste Williams reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Namaste Williams

When I originally went there for an auto accident, I was treated well but when I had an order from my neurologist for a different MRI I was treated quite differently. I was told that they didnt have a doctor for the particular Imaging that More

George Zeolla reviewed M1 Imaging Center
George Zeolla

Went here for an MRI in April , when hospitals werent doing outpatient MRIs dt Covid. Friendly, helpful, kind employees and I was in and out in a half hour. Would highly recommend.

Kayla Bredeson reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Kayla Bredeson

First and foremost, after going through a major car accident and needing multiple MRIs, I can say this facility is clean, timely, as well as organized. The staff was so welcoming as well as kind they answered any and all questions I had. More

Gloria Williams reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Gloria Williams

Eric Latimer reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Eric Latimer

Wonderful place

Gary Segan reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Gary Segan

Have lower back issuessevere pain for years now, N doctors say I have bulging disk and should note causing this much pain.. Standard mris, xrays, cat scans, etc., all shoe LL bulging. Buy Ive been telling them, that More

Yolanda Holiday reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Yolanda Holiday

I was to get an mri wo dye. Each time I when the doctor was not there to admns the dye. When to the site in Bertley twice and asked to give them another try. Think about it I live near Canton so this is not a just a few miles I am travelling. This is poor service as far as I am concerned.

Adam Hamet reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Adam Hamet

I went to get an MRI after a car accident. This place assured me I was covered as I told them I wasnt going to pay out of pocket and wouldnt accept the MRI unless it was covered completely by insurance. They assured me I wouldnt pay More