MRI Scan in Aurangabad


Good health is a true blessing. However, with a sedentary lifestyle, it's difficult to maintain good health. Since we are aware that our lifestyle isn't fit for healthy living, we must source the right professionals to get a regular check-up on our health.

One such important portion of the check-up nowadays is the MRI scan. This process is adopted to diagnose problems inside your body. Since it's a matter of your body and health, we help you source the best diagnostic centres for MRI scan in Aurangabad. With the help of our comprehensive list, we help you choose the best MRI scan centers at an affordable price.

12 Best MRI Scan Centres In Aurangabad, Bihar

MRI Scan in Aurangabad. Get quote from best MRI Scan Centres In Aurangabad.

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Arrah, India

Ashirwad Ultrasound

Shaheed Bhawan, East Ramna Road, Near Mahila College, opp. Lane of Shaheed Bhawan, Arrah, Bihar 802301, India

Diagnostic center in Aurangabad, India

Apollo Diagnostics

MG Rd, near NIRMALA HOSPITAL, Aurangabad, Bihar 824101, India

Diagnostic center in Daudnagar, India

Apollo Diagnostics


Diagnostic center in Aurangabad, India

Dr Lal PathLabs

near. Gt Road, Aurangabad, Near G.T. Road, Maharashtra 431001, India

Diagnostic center in Sasaram, India

Maa Diagnostic Centre

Navaratan Bazar, Laxkariganj, Sasaram, Bihar 821115, India

Diagnostic center in Dehri, India

Dr Lal PathLabs


Hospital in Dehri, India

Vishal Diagnostic

Beside Hotel Vandana, 821307, Dehri, Bihar, India

Diagnostic center in Patna, India

Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna

Rajni Path, P.O.Lohianagar, RBI Flats Colony, Bankman Colony, Patna, Bihar 800020, India

MRI center in Patna, India

Udayan Scan Center

Prafulla Plaza, B/2, Makhania Kuan Road, Near to PMCH, Patna, Bihar 800004, India

Diagnostic center in Dehri, India

Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited

Jakhi Bigha, Rohtas, NH-2, Dehri On Sone, Dehri, Bihar 821307, India


Why choose YoScans Aurangabad over others?

The motive of YoScans is to assist our customers in their tough times. We understand that you are going through a tough time and we help you deal with it. With our assistance, you can find the best medical centre for MRI scan in Aurangabad.

We also make sure, you get the most cost-effective MRI scan done. There are many malpractices in medical centres where they charge a huge amount for MRI scan in Aurangabad. We have taken special care to investigate each of the medical centres we have listed. Through our assistance, you will be in the right hands with the best bang for your buck.

Genuine Reviews

We present to you unbiased reviews of the medical diagnostic centre in Aurangabad. Keeping your trust, we ensure all our listed medical centre is certified along with the professional team. YoScans is the most trusted directory that offers you highly qualified professionals and the best MRI scan price in Aurangabad. So, next time if you want to get your MRI scan in Aurangabad done, you can rely on us completely to find the best medical centre at a fair price.

Updated List

At YoScans, we regularly update our list with new diagnostic centres. As your health is our top priority, we never miss a chance to keep you updated with the best team of professionals. Our team members are continuously working hard to keep you updated with real-time information on MRI scan in Aurangabad. So you can trust us to stay aware of all the best services related to MRI scan.

Detailed information

At YoScans, we offer our customers detailed information about the MRI scan centres in Aurangabad. Here, you can find contact details, reviews, address, phone number and appointment details with the best MRI scan price in Aurangabad. Moreover, if you have any query, we are always there for your help to solve your problem. Get in touch with us anytime and our team will assist you in all aspects.

Best medical diagnostics and imaging centres

Our associate team make use of modern technologies. They take care of patients with claustrophobia. Our listed medical diagnostics and imaging centres in Aurangabad check your metallic valve to find your compatibility with an MRI machine. They take care of implant safety as some people are not compatible with 3 Tesla but perfect with 1.5 Tesla. They also guide you on contrast MRI and plain MRI. With our listed scan centres, you can be sure that you are getting treated right.

Cost of MRI Scan in Aurangabad, Bihar

Cost of MRI Scan in Aurangabad vary with diagnostic centres, body part, type of MRI - plain or contrast and quality 1.5T MRI Scan or 3T MRI Scan in Aurangabad. Below is the chart of average price of MRI scan in Aurangabad of different body parts.

MRI ScanAvg. Cost
MRI BRAIN PLAIN in Aurangabad4500
CEMRI BRAIN in Aurangabad7000
MRI BRAIN +ANGIO BRAIN in Aurangabad8500
MRI BRAIN+MRA(H+N) in Aurangabad11000
MRI VERTIGO PROFILE in Aurangabad11500
MRI NECK in Aurangabad4000
MRI NECK WITH CONTRAST in Aurangabad7000
MRCP(Includes liver, GB, CBD, Pancreas, ) in Aurangabad5500
MRI UPPER ABD in Aurangabad4500
MRI PELVIS (LOWER ABD) in Aurangabad4500
MRI WHOLE ABD in Aurangabad7000
MRI BREAST (EACH SIDE) in Aurangabad4500
MRI FISTULOGRAM in Aurangabad4500
Mri Venography in Aurangabad4500
Mri Fetal in Aurangabad6000
CEMri Fetal in Aurangabad8000
MRI SKULL in Aurangabad4500
CEMRI SKULL in Aurangabad7000
MRI WRIST in Aurangabad4500
CEMRI WRIST in Aurangabad7000
MRI WHOLE LEG in Aurangabad14500
CEMRI WHOLE LEG in Aurangabad23500
CEMRI SPECTROSCOPY in Aurangabad13000
MRI CISTERNOGRAPHY in Aurangabad5500

List of MRI Scan centres in Aurangabad

Sr.Centre NameRatings
#1Ashirwad UltrasoundRated 5.0 (1 reviews)
#2Apollo DiagnosticsRated 5.0 (9 reviews)
#3Apollo DiagnosticsRated 5.0 (11 reviews)
#4Dr Lal PathLabsRated 5.0 (1 reviews)
#5Maa Diagnostic CentreRated 4.4 (16 reviews)
#6Dr Lal PathLabsRated 3.0 (3 reviews)
#7Vishal DiagnosticRated 3.0 (9 reviews)
#8Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patnaRated 3.9 (27 reviews)
#9Udayan Scan CenterRated 3.0 (22 reviews)
#10Bose Diagnostic Center Private LimitedRated 3.3 (19 reviews)

FAQs for MRI Scan In Aurangabad, Bihar

Got query before going for MRI scan in Aurangabad? Here are the frequently asked questions we have tried to answer best with our knowledge.

What is the cost of MRI scan in Aurangabad?

The cost of MRI scan in Aurangabad may vary depending on the hospitals and body parts that you want to get tested. It may also depend on government and private hospitals. However, you can expect a range between 1500 to 25000 or even more.

Is it possible to get an MRI scan done without a doctor referral?

No, this is not possible, moreover, it is not a good practice. However, some medical centres accept self-referral but there are certain circumstances to be followed for your safety purpose. You can go for preventive MRI scans at diagnostic centres.

Who can refer me to get my MRI scan done?

A professional healthcare person such as Acupuncturists, GPs, Osteopaths, Sports therapists, physiotherapist, eye doctor can refer you for the scan.

How much time does the MRI scan take?

Usually, the time limit is between 45-60 minutes. However, the time limit may exceed up to two hours.

How should I prepare myself before the MRI scan?

In certain conditions, you are restricted to drink and eat for at least 4 hours prior to the scan timings. However, this may depend on the scan you are advised to undertake. There are also cases where you are asked to drink water in large quantity. One more important thing you need to take care of is that you should not be wearing any metal objects and other items such as jewellery, watches, hearing aids, etc. You will be informed about it after you book an appointment for the MRI scan.

What is 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla MRI Scan?

The majority of MRI scan is performed using 1.5 Tesla. However, 3 Tesla has stronger magnetic effects. It is double the strength of 1.5 Tesla and has a greater noise ratio and offers a good high-quality image. Your physician will guide you on which option is better for you. You can get both 1.5T and 3T MRI scan in Aurangabad with YoScans.

What is contrast MRI Scan?

It is beneficial in measuring tumours. MRI contrast helps in detecting the minute tumour. Also, the images are of better quality and clear. This will help the surgeon to get clarity about the size and placement of the tumour.

Is plain MRI different from contrast MRI?

Yes, both are different. A plain MRI is a normal MRI scan and is usually recommended for kidney-comprised patients and pregnant women. This is also very effective in delivering clear images and diagnosis of health issues. Your physician will suggest you the appropriate test depending on your health condition.

Can MRI scan my whole body?

It is an effective process to diagnose problems in body parts such as the brain, spine, breast, joints, bones liver and other parts. It can give an entire scan report of your body to detect tumour and other health conditions. You may get PET Scan at best price if you want to get fully body scan.

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VICKY THAKUR reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
VICKY THAKUR - Apollo Diagnostics

Super lab and very good facility in Apollo diagnostic Aurangabad Bihar very good reporting and very good condition

Sinku Singh reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Sinku Singh - Apollo Diagnostics

Best diagnostic center in the town nd also service .....thank you

indrajeet singh reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
indrajeet singh - Apollo Diagnostics

Best diagnostic centre in town. Full body checkup in affordable price..

Ashutosh Kumar reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Ashutosh Kumar - Apollo Diagnostics

Best diagnostic in terms of quality and health services in the town.the staffs were well disciplied and cooperative and the best things is their prices are quite affordable that is really impressive .recommended to everyone who wants a qualitative health care at affordable cost go for it

Mahesh Singh reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Mahesh Singh - Apollo Diagnostics

So super lab in apollo diagnostics Aurangabad bihar

Ranjeet Sharma reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Ranjeet Sharma - Apollo Diagnostics

Whenever I visit to Apollo diagnostics one thing I am pritty sure about, thats report authenticity..and finally this matter onlyand oviously value for money in comparison of other diagnostics center..its great that Apollo is now More

Ani Singh reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Ani Singh - Apollo Diagnostics

Best Diagnostics in the town. Good staff and hygienic place. Provide good service. I recommend all my friends and family members to opt this Diagnostics Centre. And one more thing, its not costly as well.

Javed Alam reviewed Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited
Javed Alam - Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited

Sana Khan reviewed Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited
Sana Khan - Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited

So nice

sanjeev kr verma reviewed Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited
sanjeev kr verma - Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited

Best In this city.

Raju Kumar reviewed Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited
Raju Kumar - Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited

For medical facilities

Fun amitmohan9576 reviewed Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited
Fun amitmohan9576 - Bose Diagnostic Center Private Limited

Nice job

Santosh Kumar Ray reviewed Samridhi Diagnostic
Santosh Kumar Ray - Samridhi Diagnostic

Amit Kumar reviewed Samridhi Diagnostic
Amit Kumar - Samridhi Diagnostic

Anup Bhatt reviewed Samridhi Diagnostic
Anup Bhatt - Samridhi Diagnostic


Hari Prapanna reviewed Samridhi Diagnostic
Hari Prapanna - Samridhi Diagnostic

Better Diagnostic centre with good hospitality

Nitesh Kumar reviewed Samridhi Diagnostic
Nitesh Kumar - Samridhi Diagnostic

Good diagnostic with carring staffs

Milan Sharma reviewed Samridhi Diagnostic
Milan Sharma - Samridhi Diagnostic

Its true place to get standard radilogical investigations

Apollo Diagnostics reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Apollo Diagnostics - Apollo Diagnostics

Anish Singh reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Anish Singh - Apollo Diagnostics

Shiva Singh reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Shiva Singh - Apollo Diagnostics

Great service

Moni Singh reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Moni Singh - Apollo Diagnostics

best service at affordable price...

Shweta Sharma reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Shweta Sharma - Apollo Diagnostics

Great service... Friendly and understanding staff.. Thanku Apollo

SAURAV RAJ reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
SAURAV RAJ - Apollo Diagnostics

A leading Diagnostics centre offering best quality diagnostics services at affordable price.

pranjlee raj reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
pranjlee raj - Apollo Diagnostics

Best and affordable Diagnostic lab in daudnagar and Aurangabad... Staff are friendly and cooperative

N v reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
N v - Apollo Diagnostics

Best Pathology in Daudnagar, reports are authentic and fast. I had personally visited here. Earlier we had to wait for days for major tests like THYROID Test or Vitamins, but now these tests are also available next day. And one More

Hasnain Alam reviewed Dr Lal PathLabs
Hasnain Alam - Dr Lal PathLabs


Sahabuddin Ansari reviewed Awatar Diagnostic Centre
Sahabuddin Ansari - Awatar Diagnostic Centre

Beautiful center

Mobin Ansari reviewed Awatar Diagnostic Centre
Mobin Ansari - Awatar Diagnostic Centre

Computer Opreter

Alam Raza reviewed Awatar Diagnostic Centre
Alam Raza - Awatar Diagnostic Centre

Sweet ha

VIJAY KUMAR reviewed Awatar Diagnostic Centre
VIJAY KUMAR - Awatar Diagnostic Centre

Best Diagnosis centre

Ajad Ansari Ajad Ansari reviewed Awatar Diagnostic Centre
Ajad Ansari Ajad Ansari - Awatar Diagnostic Centre

Nice center Mobin

Sandeep Kumar Patel reviewed Awatar Diagnostic Centre
Sandeep Kumar Patel - Awatar Diagnostic Centre

Fully automated pathology.Nice and cooperative staff.

Rahul Gupta reviewed Awatar Diagnostic Centre
Rahul Gupta - Awatar Diagnostic Centre

Dialysis Technician

Rajesh Kumar Dubey reviewed Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar
Rajesh Kumar Dubey - Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar

Translated by Google The status of this testing center is east of the Kali temple. It is one of the two four best testing centers in the city. Also almost all tests and diagnostics are available here. The staff here is also very helpful More

Nivesh Kumar Singh reviewed Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar
Nivesh Kumar Singh - Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar

latest equipments are available here

Rishu Singh reviewed Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar
Rishu Singh - Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar

Good facility

khushbu Singh reviewed Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar
khushbu Singh - Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar

CT scan facility is too good

Raj reviewed Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar
Raj - Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar

Good facilities at resonable price.

Gauti Singh reviewed Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar
Gauti Singh - Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar

well developed technology is present.It provides report on time.

MANISH KUMAR reviewed Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar
MANISH KUMAR - Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar

Best diagnostic center ever. All staffs are very amazing. Facility is very good. Received my report within an hour.

Chandan Boss reviewed Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar
Chandan Boss - Maa Diagnostic Centre, Sasaram, Bihar

Everything is available here where are youBest facilities of doctors..

HIMANSHU KUMAR reviewed Satyam Digital Imaging & OM C.T. Scan
HIMANSHU KUMAR - Satyam Digital Imaging & OM C.T. Scan

Ranjeet kumar reviewed Satyam Digital Imaging & OM C.T. Scan
Ranjeet kumar - Satyam Digital Imaging & OM C.T. Scan

110_ Nikhil reviewed Satyam Digital Imaging & OM C.T. Scan
110_ Nikhil - Satyam Digital Imaging & OM C.T. Scan

Sanjeev Kumar reviewed Satyam Digital Imaging & OM C.T. Scan
Sanjeev Kumar - Satyam Digital Imaging & OM C.T. Scan

Its a very very good sonography point in gaya..staff is very friendly.sonologist is very friendly n gentle. He shown n all status of my patient. n tell me the details gently..he is very very good person..thank u team satyam...I ll suggest everyone who looking for ultrasound go with satyam...

Sakshi Kumari reviewed Dr Lal PathLabs
Sakshi Kumari - Dr Lal PathLabs

Faizan Ahmad reviewed Vishal Diagnostic
Faizan Ahmad - Vishal Diagnostic

Subodh Singh reviewed Vishal Diagnostic
Subodh Singh - Vishal Diagnostic

Translated by Google Price update kar dia hai.Bheed rahti hai.Aurangabad k dr. Santosh wahin refer kie Friend ko kuki accuracy sahi h janch More

RUBY SPORTS NEWS reviewed Vishal Diagnostic
RUBY SPORTS NEWS - Vishal Diagnostic

Famous diagnostic in pali road

Anand Sharma reviewed Vishal Diagnostic
Anand Sharma - Vishal Diagnostic

Only diagnostic with a renowned radiologist.

SATISH KUMAR SINGH reviewed Vishal Diagnostic
SATISH KUMAR SINGH - Vishal Diagnostic

Good service

Neeteesh kumar reviewed Ashirwad Ultrasound
Neeteesh kumar - Ashirwad Ultrasound

Kamlesh Kumar reviewed Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna
Kamlesh Kumar - Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna

CT angiography with multi slices CT scanner in few minutes and reports valid also in Medanta Delhi.

avinash parashar reviewed Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna
avinash parashar - Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna

Doctor really takes care of patient and explains the things you ask. Nice center and it is not a technician based. Doctors degree and picture is also put up.

Satendra Singh reviewed Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna
Satendra Singh - Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna

Excellent center with combination of radiology and pathology services so no wastage of time and money for patients coming outside of patna.

Alok Hari reviewed Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna
Alok Hari - Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna

This is the best radiology care service provider in Patna. The Practitioner, Technicians and Nursing staffs are very experienced and helpful. I have found Dr. Brajesh is a great person and takes keen interest in every case and explain every More

Preeti Parashar reviewed Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna
Preeti Parashar - Care Plus Diagnostic & Imaging Center patna

After visiting so many Doctors and diagnosticians for months and losing all hope I went to this place. Dr Brajesh is the best radiologist in Patna and was keen in helping me in my diagnosis. I am glad that I went there and I would recommend this place to everyone.

Ratnesh Singh reviewed Udayan Scan Center
Ratnesh Singh - Udayan Scan Center

Contacted scan centre through JD for HRCT chest scan of my mother.price is genuine or competitive with other labs.staff was nice one.waiting for report.better response than usual reviews given.

Indian proud reviewed Udayan Scan Center
Indian proud - Udayan Scan Center

Not statisfied..he abused very mch ok

tarun kumar reviewed SRL Diagnostic Ayush Patho Lab
tarun kumar - SRL Diagnostic Ayush Patho Lab

Sail Marley reviewed Sanjeevani Scan Centre
Sail Marley - Sanjeevani Scan Centre

Very bad services

Izaz Rahman reviewed Sanjeevani Scan Centre
Izaz Rahman - Sanjeevani Scan Centre


Deepjyoti vlogs reviewed Sanjeevani Scan Centre
Deepjyoti vlogs - Sanjeevani Scan Centre

It is expensive but clearly look your result

Rakesh Pandey reviewed Sanjeevani Scan Centre
Rakesh Pandey - Sanjeevani Scan Centre

Good Facility prompt result.

Pradeep pandey reviewed Sanjeevani Scan Centre
Pradeep pandey - Sanjeevani Scan Centre

Good facility accurate result

sachin agrawal reviewed Sanjeevani Scan Centre
sachin agrawal - Sanjeevani Scan Centre

Good place easy to reach

Gulam Mustfa reviewed Sanjeevani Scan Centre
Gulam Mustfa - Sanjeevani Scan Centre

This is specially for diagnosis and XRay Scan. Good Service.

piyush amrit reviewed Rajdhani CT Scan
piyush amrit - Rajdhani CT Scan

pradeep singh reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
pradeep singh - Apollo Diagnostics

I like the professional behavior, quality and hygiene at the center.

deepak raj reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
deepak raj - Apollo Diagnostics

One of the best clinic in Aurangabad. Spacily all staff are vry cooperative. Feels like family members.

Nishant Bhardwaj reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Nishant Bhardwaj - Apollo Diagnostics

Their Behaviour, skill ,quality , everything is just best

Prabhat Singh Raksel reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Prabhat Singh Raksel - Apollo Diagnostics

accurate report..

Awanish Singh reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Awanish Singh - Apollo Diagnostics

Staff member and technicians are really nice .rates of all the medical check up is also very should surely visit it if in need..

A K reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
A K - Apollo Diagnostics

Best in Aurangabad BiharLoved the service

Sujeet Sharma reviewed Apollo Diagnostics
Sujeet Sharma - Apollo Diagnostics

Subodh Chauhan reviewed Sadar Hospital Aurangabad
Subodh Chauhan - Sadar Hospital Aurangabad


Atul Raj reviewed Sadar Hospital Aurangabad
Atul Raj - Sadar Hospital Aurangabad


Deepak Kumar reviewed Sadar Hospital Aurangabad
Deepak Kumar - Sadar Hospital Aurangabad

Clean government hospital

prasant vikas reviewed Sadar Hospital Aurangabad
prasant vikas - Sadar Hospital Aurangabad

Because,this is home town

Md Saddam Hussain reviewed Sadar Hospital Aurangabad
Md Saddam Hussain - Sadar Hospital Aurangabad

Need and clean hospital

Kumar Satyam reviewed Sadar Hospital Aurangabad
Kumar Satyam - Sadar Hospital Aurangabad

Typically a government hospital, where there is always crowd, running, breathing, crying and moreover waiting and hoping.Its sadar hospital, Aurangabad, its building is too old to stay under it.It should be renovated.