MRI Scan in Khora, Ghaziabad


Good health is a true blessing. However, with a sedentary lifestyle, it's difficult to maintain good health. Since we are aware that our lifestyle isn't fit for healthy living, we must source the right professionals to get a regular check-up on our health.

One such important portion of the check-up nowadays is the MRI scan. This process is adopted to diagnose problems inside your body. Since it's a matter of your body and health, we help you source the best diagnostic centres for MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad. With the help of our comprehensive list, we help you choose the best MRI scan centers at an affordable price.

14 Best MRI Scan Centres In Khora, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

MRI Scan in Khora, Ghaziabad. Get quote from best MRI Scan Centres In Khora, Ghaziabad.

Medical clinic in Noida, India

Om Sai Clinic

Main Road, Kavitha Palace, Sector 62, Kavitha Palace Road, Rajeev Vihar, Khora Colony, Sector 62A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309, India

Diagnostic center in Ghaziabad, India

Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care

A-322, 323, 3rd Floor , Raj Hans Plaza, Ahinsa Khand-1, Sushila Naiyar Marg,, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201014, India

Diagnostic center in Noida, India

Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

Shop No.-1/39 B-Block Market, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307, India

Business center in India

Bhagwatii Imaging Centre

Mawai Rd, Block H, Pratap Vihar, Mahiuddin Pur Kanawni, Uttar Pradesh 201009, India

Diagnostic center in Noida, India

Dr Lal PathLabs

A-42, Nehru Garden, Khora Colony, Khora, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201309, India

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Ghaziabad, India

Molecular Imaging & Therapy

Plot no 14, Duplex Flats, Block P, Sector 23, Sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201002, India

Hospital in Ghaziabad, India

Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

Gaurav towers 12/434, Pocket C, Sector 12, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201012, India

Diagnostic center in Ghaziabad, India

Deewan Diagnostics

A-1 Patel Nagar-II, Near Shaheed Sthal(New Bus Adda) Metro station, Patel Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201001(PH:0120, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201001, India

Hospital in Ghaziabad, India

Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic

Nehru Nagar, near Vasant Cinema, Uttar Pradesh 201002, India

Diagnostic center in Ghaziabad, India

Kalyaan Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

KK-1, K Block, Sector 18, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201002, India


Why choose YoScans Khora, Ghaziabad over others?

The motive of YoScans is to assist our customers in their tough times. We understand that you are going through a tough time and we help you deal with it. With our assistance, you can find the best medical centre for MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad.

We also make sure, you get the most cost-effective MRI scan done. There are many malpractices in medical centres where they charge a huge amount for MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad. We have taken special care to investigate each of the medical centres we have listed. Through our assistance, you will be in the right hands with the best bang for your buck.

Genuine Reviews

We present to you unbiased reviews of the medical diagnostic centre in Khora, Ghaziabad. Keeping your trust, we ensure all our listed medical centre is certified along with the professional team. YoScans is the most trusted directory that offers you highly qualified professionals and the best MRI scan price in Khora, Ghaziabad. So, next time if you want to get your MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad done, you can rely on us completely to find the best medical centre at a fair price.

Updated List

At YoScans, we regularly update our list with new diagnostic centres. As your health is our top priority, we never miss a chance to keep you updated with the best team of professionals. Our team members are continuously working hard to keep you updated with real-time information on MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad. So you can trust us to stay aware of all the best services related to MRI scan.

Detailed information

At YoScans, we offer our customers detailed information about the MRI scan centres in Khora, Ghaziabad. Here, you can find contact details, reviews, address, phone number and appointment details with the best MRI scan price in Khora, Ghaziabad. Moreover, if you have any query, we are always there for your help to solve your problem. Get in touch with us anytime and our team will assist you in all aspects.

Best medical diagnostics and imaging centres

Our associate team make use of modern technologies. They take care of patients with claustrophobia. Our listed medical diagnostics and imaging centres in Khora, Ghaziabad check your metallic valve to find your compatibility with an MRI machine. They take care of implant safety as some people are not compatible with 3 Tesla but perfect with 1.5 Tesla. They also guide you on contrast MRI and plain MRI. With our listed scan centres, you can be sure that you are getting treated right.

Cost of MRI Scan in Khora, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Cost of MRI Scan in Khora, Ghaziabad vary with diagnostic centres, body part, type of MRI - plain or contrast and quality 1.5T MRI Scan or 3T MRI Scan in Khora, Ghaziabad. Below is the chart of average price of MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad of different body parts.

MRI ScanAvg. Cost
MRI BRAIN PLAIN in Khora, Ghaziabad4500
CEMRI BRAIN in Khora, Ghaziabad7000
MRI BRAIN +ANGIO BRAIN in Khora, Ghaziabad8500
MRI BRAIN+MRA(H+N) in Khora, Ghaziabad11000
MRI VERTIGO PROFILE in Khora, Ghaziabad11500
MRI NECK in Khora, Ghaziabad4000
MRI NECK WITH CONTRAST in Khora, Ghaziabad7000
MRCP(Includes liver, GB, CBD, Pancreas, ) in Khora, Ghaziabad5500
MRI UPPER ABD in Khora, Ghaziabad4500
MRI UPPER ABD WITH CONTRAST in Khora, Ghaziabad7000
MRI PELVIS (LOWER ABD) in Khora, Ghaziabad4500
MRI WHOLE ABD in Khora, Ghaziabad7000
MRI WHOLE ABD WITH CONTRAST in Khora, Ghaziabad13000
MRI BREAST (EACH SIDE) in Khora, Ghaziabad4500
MRI FISTULOGRAM in Khora, Ghaziabad4500
Mri Venography in Khora, Ghaziabad4500
Mri Fetal in Khora, Ghaziabad6000
CEMri Fetal in Khora, Ghaziabad8000
MRI SKULL in Khora, Ghaziabad4500
CEMRI SKULL in Khora, Ghaziabad7000
MRI WRIST in Khora, Ghaziabad4500
CEMRI WRIST in Khora, Ghaziabad7000
MRI WHOLE LEG in Khora, Ghaziabad14500
CEMRI WHOLE LEG in Khora, Ghaziabad23500
CEMRI SPECTROSCOPY in Khora, Ghaziabad13000
MRI CISTERNOGRAPHY in Khora, Ghaziabad5500

List of MRI Scan centres in Khora, Ghaziabad

Sr.Centre NameRatings
#1Om Sai ClinicRated 5.0 (1 reviews)
#2Ansh Diagnostics & Health CareRated 4.0 (51 reviews)
#3Noida Mri & Diagnostic CentreRated 4.2 (317 reviews)
#4Bhagwatii Imaging CentreRated 4.1 (47 reviews)
#5Dr Lal PathLabsRated 4.1 (8 reviews)
#6Molecular Imaging & TherapyRated 4.5 (56 reviews)
#7Vedanta imaging and diagnosticsRated 3.6 (74 reviews)
#8Deewan DiagnosticsRated 3.7 (165 reviews)
#9Narinder Mohan Poly ClinicRated 3.5 (33 reviews)
#10Kalyaan Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.Rated 3.2 (29 reviews)

FAQs for MRI Scan In Khora, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Got query before going for MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad? Here are the frequently asked questions we have tried to answer best with our knowledge.

What is the cost of MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad?

The cost of MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad may vary depending on the hospitals and body parts that you want to get tested. It may also depend on government and private hospitals. However, you can expect a range between 1500 to 25000 or even more.

Is it possible to get an MRI scan done without a doctor referral?

No, this is not possible, moreover, it is not a good practice. However, some medical centres accept self-referral but there are certain circumstances to be followed for your safety purpose. You can go for preventive MRI scans at diagnostic centres.

Who can refer me to get my MRI scan done?

A professional healthcare person such as Acupuncturists, GPs, Osteopaths, Sports therapists, physiotherapist, eye doctor can refer you for the scan.

How much time does the MRI scan take?

Usually, the time limit is between 45-60 minutes. However, the time limit may exceed up to two hours.

How should I prepare myself before the MRI scan?

In certain conditions, you are restricted to drink and eat for at least 4 hours prior to the scan timings. However, this may depend on the scan you are advised to undertake. There are also cases where you are asked to drink water in large quantity. One more important thing you need to take care of is that you should not be wearing any metal objects and other items such as jewellery, watches, hearing aids, etc. You will be informed about it after you book an appointment for the MRI scan.

What is 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla MRI Scan?

The majority of MRI scan is performed using 1.5 Tesla. However, 3 Tesla has stronger magnetic effects. It is double the strength of 1.5 Tesla and has a greater noise ratio and offers a good high-quality image. Your physician will guide you on which option is better for you. You can get both 1.5T and 3T MRI scan in Khora, Ghaziabad with YoScans.

What is contrast MRI Scan?

It is beneficial in measuring tumours. MRI contrast helps in detecting the minute tumour. Also, the images are of better quality and clear. This will help the surgeon to get clarity about the size and placement of the tumour.

Is plain MRI different from contrast MRI?

Yes, both are different. A plain MRI is a normal MRI scan and is usually recommended for kidney-comprised patients and pregnant women. This is also very effective in delivering clear images and diagnosis of health issues. Your physician will suggest you the appropriate test depending on your health condition.

Can MRI scan my whole body?

It is an effective process to diagnose problems in body parts such as the brain, spine, breast, joints, bones liver and other parts. It can give an entire scan report of your body to detect tumour and other health conditions. You may get PET Scan at best price if you want to get fully body scan.

Based on 148+ user reviews of 10 businesses

Kartik Rustagi reviewed Dr. Piyush MRI & Diagnostic Centre
Kartik Rustagi - Dr. Piyush MRI & Diagnostic Centre

Great Ambiance and quality services I visited Dr Piyush MRI center for some couple of test like MRI , NCV , Ultrasound and heart and all were beautifully coordinated by the executive under one roof. I am happy with the quality of service and response from the staff.

sonia gupta reviewed Dr. Piyush MRI & Diagnostic Centre
sonia gupta - Dr. Piyush MRI & Diagnostic Centre

Very happy with services.. staff is well behaved and polite

ND Spices reviewed Dr. Piyush MRI & Diagnostic Centre
ND Spices - Dr. Piyush MRI & Diagnostic Centre

What a wonderful place. I liked the doctor very much. She not only did the ultrasound and Mammography for me but also explained the results to me in great detail. I would recommend Dr Piyush MRI for any kind of testing. If you book an More

Ravi Mixra reviewed Dr. Piyush MRI & Diagnostic Centre
Ravi Mixra - Dr. Piyush MRI & Diagnostic Centre

They are doing best job, i am living nearby this MRI center and few days ago I went to this centre for D Ultrasound.They behave polite....

rohit saxena reviewed Vrinda Diagnostic
rohit saxena - Vrinda Diagnostic

Excellent facilties with quick response time. Got my covid reportTRUENETRTPCR within few hours on urgent basis.The owner has managed the place really well. Hoping to receive same excellent treatment in future as well.

praveen kumar reviewed Vrinda Diagnostic
praveen kumar - Vrinda Diagnostic

Best health diagnostic services with Latest Ultrasound Ct scan slice , MRI tesla equipments in Ghaziabad. Additionally easily reachable and reasonable charges.

Deepak Chauhan reviewed Vrinda Diagnostic
Deepak Chauhan - Vrinda Diagnostic

The common area is spacious and follows social distancing norms.Front desk staff is good.They accept payments via electronic means also so hassle of cash payments. More

Sangeeta Sharma reviewed Vrinda Diagnostic
Sangeeta Sharma - Vrinda Diagnostic

The rest results are so accurate. And service is extremely reliable and fast.I would highly recommend to everyone and since it has become mandatory for everyone to get RT PCR test before travel, I would strongly surely recommend for More

preeto gautam reviewed Vrinda Diagnostic
preeto gautam - Vrinda Diagnostic

Brilliant services. I contacted them after a month because I needed the receipt lost my receipt and the Vrinda Diagnostics management was prompt in their reply and sending me the required document. Would recommend the lab to everyone.

Ritvik Sharma reviewed Vrinda Diagnostic
Ritvik Sharma - Vrinda Diagnostic

Overall experience is definitely worth star. Never been disappointed from this place. The Doctor and the staff is professional and handles all details with utmost care. More

Robin Dhiraniya reviewed Vrinda Diagnostic
Robin Dhiraniya - Vrinda Diagnostic

Very polite staff with good service. Reasonable prices for diagnostic imaging and blood tests. Would highly recommend Vrinda Diagnostic

Himani Tyagi reviewed Molecular Imaging & Therapy
Himani Tyagi - Molecular Imaging & Therapy

Molecular is very nice in a way that charges of almost every test is very less relative to other diagnostics centres in Ghaziabad North India.Staff is so helpful and polite. so i appreciated.

Gill Veerpal Gill reviewed Molecular Imaging & Therapy
Gill Veerpal Gill - Molecular Imaging & Therapy

I have visited the best Diagnostic center pathology lab i get excellent medical test i.e. MRI , CT scan ultrasound and blood tests done under one roof. Tests done at very reasonable price. Etaff very organised and prompt. Highly Recommended

Jaz Bhinder reviewed Molecular Imaging & Therapy
Jaz Bhinder - Molecular Imaging & Therapy

Doctor Nikunj Jain is very kind helpful with the patients, They have advanced equipments. Overall my experience was so good fees for check up is genuine.

RAJ SHARMA reviewed Molecular Imaging & Therapy
RAJ SHARMA - Molecular Imaging & Therapy

Excellent medical test done with right reports. Staff is well experienced helpful. I highly recommended to all of those get the MRI, CT SCAN, other kind of test etc visit at Molecular Imaging Therapy, best Diagnostic center.

diksha sharma reviewed Molecular Imaging & Therapy
diksha sharma - Molecular Imaging & Therapy

Very good place for the ultrasound test. Neat and clean. Meet with Nikunj Jain, best helpful staff is here.Get the ultrasound at Molecular Imaging Therapy .... its a very nice place to get checked up medical test. Highly Recommend...

Pushpendra kumar reviewed Molecular Imaging & Therapy
Pushpendra kumar - Molecular Imaging & Therapy

Planning to visit the centre for one of my relatives diagnosis. Just checked the all reviews. Glad to see that every single review, either positive or negative, is being responded by team Molecular. It shows how much they are concerned More

Vibhuti Mittal reviewed Molecular Imaging & Therapy
Vibhuti Mittal - Molecular Imaging & Therapy

I had visited with my mother and she is really too sick and old aged and had problem in walking etc. The staff there was too cooperative and helped my mother during her PET CT Scan in every possible way. The doctors there are very polite More

Sheetal Kanojia reviewed VITAL IMAGING
Sheetal Kanojia - VITAL IMAGING

doctor and staff are very nice, handled my last trimester pregnancy doppler scan done from vitaldoctor explained everything about my baby and blood flow More

Chisuya reviewed VITAL IMAGING

Doctor and his team is very efficient,I m really impressed with ultrasound service

vijay S reviewed VITAL IMAGING

knowledgeable doctor, Friendly staff, Overall excellent experience.

Kanchan Pathak reviewed VITAL IMAGING
Kanchan Pathak - VITAL IMAGING

My overall experience was greatDr. saini is doing a commendable job, he is using the latest technology. He is a nice and warm person who listen to you very patiently. Also his detailed analysis and advice is helpful.Staff is very helpful and welcoming

parul kotia reviewed VITAL IMAGING
parul kotia - VITAL IMAGING

Neat and clean lab with friendly staff fully satisfied with their services Nd hospitality..

ram babu reviewed VITAL IMAGING
ram babu - VITAL IMAGING

it was long waiting but found it worth finallythey are giving enough time to everyonegood ultrasound service i would say

puneet kocchar reviewed VITAL IMAGING
puneet kocchar - VITAL IMAGING

I have been visiting this place for all my wifes pregnancy related ultrasound and is very satisfied with the service. Staffs and doctor are supportive here. I highly recommend as prices are also reasonable.

Aditya Bist reviewed Deewan Diagnostics
Aditya Bist - Deewan Diagnostics

Went for Barium Swallow Test. It was fast, and the report was out in just hours. Dr. was at hand to help explain the report as well.

kamal kant reviewed Deewan Diagnostics
kamal kant - Deewan Diagnostics

Excellent performance .... special thanks to Dr. Anil Kumar Tyagi jee.....

Anuj Kumar Jain reviewed Deewan Diagnostics
Anuj Kumar Jain - Deewan Diagnostics

One of the finest and true professional lab in ghaziabad. Service is good and quality of facility is also standard. I must thank Dr. Vijay Sharma who is Manager Operation and his team member Mr. Rohit for cooperation and consultation upto More

Rahul Bansal reviewed Deewan Diagnostics
Rahul Bansal - Deewan Diagnostics

One of the best and true lab in Ghaziabad. Service, maintenance, staff behave is excellent. A part of this I must thank Mr. Vijay Sharma and all staff of MRI division. I had visited lab for MRI and blood text of mu wife.Thanks a lot.

subhash chand sukralia reviewed Deewan Diagnostics
subhash chand sukralia - Deewan Diagnostics

Good consultation person Mr. Vijay sharma as a manageroperations. Thanks

Vijay Sharma reviewed Deewan Diagnostics
Vijay Sharma - Deewan Diagnostics

very nice diagnostic center with competent doctors and technical staff providing all latest diagnostic facility under one roof ,very prompt in services

Deepak Deepakpushkar reviewed Deewan Diagnostics
Deepak Deepakpushkar - Deewan Diagnostics

Excellent service special thanks to Dr. Vijay Sharma for his cooperative attention.

sonam kumari reviewed Om Sai Clinic
sonam kumari - Om Sai Clinic

Wow best clinic

iSparehub. Com reviewed Kalyaan Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
iSparehub. Com - Kalyaan Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

Very Good Staff Reasonable Cost for Diagnosis

kalyaan diagnostics reviewed Kalyaan Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
kalyaan diagnostics - Kalyaan Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

Relaunch Kalyaan Diagnostics Centre,Dr. Pradeep Rana ji Taken Over the Centre, he is very intelligent and gentle person. Everything is Brand New, It is completely Different, you come and take the Experience Once.

Pramod Kumar reviewed Kalyaan Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
Pramod Kumar - Kalyaan Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

The facility was neat and tidy. Doctor was efficient , focused and give his full attention to patient. I found everything ok till I used toilet .It was so dirty that you may catch urinary infection there.A black spot on the fair name of diagnostic center.

Kapil is Live reviewed Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care
Kapil is Live - Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care

Service is awesome, Blood report reached on mail and application after hours.. loved your service..

shailesh thakur reviewed Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care
shailesh thakur - Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care

His behaviour is good and do his level best for ultrasound test. All the best to him

Ashima Singh reviewed Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care
Ashima Singh - Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care

Good experience... happy by there services,,,

Madhvi reviewed Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care
Madhvi - Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care

Dr Shashank is very professional .He gives genuine advice and the service is quite prompt. Highly satisfied with the services.

narendra singhrajput reviewed Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care
narendra singhrajput - Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care

Ansh diagnostic very good staff and good facilities available in this center

drpooja saxena reviewed Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care
drpooja saxena - Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care

Satisfied with reporting and centre take all precautions especially during this covid pandemic . recommended.

Moni Negi reviewed Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care
Moni Negi - Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care

Ansh Diagnostic Centre is the perfect center for all types of check up with best of its services. MR Pramod Dabral is a vrry helpful person who us leafing the center to new heights.Here the check up provides by advance and modern technique. More

Abhishek Mani reviewed Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care
Abhishek Mani - Ansh Diagnostics & Health Care

Very satisfied with my experience here. Very swift process and no hassle . Mr Pramod is really humble and helpful.

Rahul Saxena reviewed Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre
Rahul Saxena - Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

This is the largest lab testing facility in Noida. I can vouch for their professionalism by my own the experience and getting my family members tested in this lab More

dr charu kalra reviewed Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre
dr charu kalra - Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

hygienic and easily accessible. one of the most nominally charging places for CT MRI and lab and the reporting is done in remarkable time.

Shubham Singh reviewed Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre
Shubham Singh - Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

Dont allow staff in training to take your blood...its painful.

Shruti Dewan reviewed Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre
Shruti Dewan - Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

I went to this centre for my ultrasound abdomen. I must say the staff is really processional and quick. Front desk people are really quick and they are actually following protocols to take care of new normal situations. I was a lil More

shivangi verma reviewed Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre
shivangi verma - Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

Noida MRI and diagnostic center is neat and clean. There motive is to serve the patients at its best. I have went there for Ultrsound for my abdomen part and I had a interaction with my doctor and the staff they both are very kind and generous. And doctors are listen to your problems patiently.

Aayush Dhir reviewed Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre
Aayush Dhir - Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

Noida MRI Center service is flawless. Doctor and staff behavior is too good. When I go to MRI Center first time I had an interaction with my doctor and he is very kind and supportive.

Ashutosh singh chauhan reviewed Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre
Ashutosh singh chauhan - Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

All the facilities related to diagnostic and pathology are available at this place. Staff is helpful and place is very well equipped. Reports are handed over in time

Anirban Dastidar reviewed Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre
Anirban Dastidar - Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

Ambien and location is very nice and having good access to city along with good parking space. service is very good and having professional attitude . Service rate will little high , but considering accuracy and service level that is justified.

jyotsna khanna reviewed Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre
jyotsna khanna - Noida Mri & Diagnostic Centre

Completely satisfied with the professionalism and sincerity of the staff. Minimum waiting time which is so crutial for a senior citizen like me. Doctors were so polite to explain me regarding the MRI details.will highly recommend it to all specially elderly..

tanushree tripathi reviewed Vrinda Diagnostics
tanushree tripathi - Vrinda Diagnostics

Cooperative staff with reasonable prices in vaishali.Got usg kub done for rs, which is good.Place was clean and maintained.

Nikhil Lakhera reviewed Vrinda Diagnostics
Nikhil Lakhera - Vrinda Diagnostics

Not sure why so many bad reviews are here.I took my wife for ultrasound and it was normal, no extra service, no bad More

suprio mandal reviewed Shivam Diagnostic Centre
suprio mandal - Shivam Diagnostic Centre

Excellent job. Accurate reports.

akash batra reviewed Vedanta imaging and diagnostics
akash batra - Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

Best doctors and latest equipments make it the best place for ultrasound, CT scan and MRI in ghaziabad.

vivek singh reviewed Vedanta imaging and diagnostics
vivek singh - Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

Reception staff are very polite with good knowledge... Doctors are also good...Machines are latest... recommended to all for this center.

Shweta Bhatnagar reviewed Vedanta imaging and diagnostics
Shweta Bhatnagar - Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

Staff and doctors are very helpful and polite..Machine are latest with silent MRI machine in Ghaziabad .. Report are also satisfied.. Recommended to all for this center

Pallavi Saxena reviewed Vedanta imaging and diagnostics
Pallavi Saxena - Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

Best diagnostic center in ghaziabad.. Machines are latest.. staffs are very helpful... Doctor behavior is very polite.. recommend to all for radiological and laboratory investigation..

bhaskara pandey reviewed Vedanta imaging and diagnostics
bhaskara pandey - Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

Staff and doctor behavior are good and polite... Machines are latest.. Reports are also satisfied.. Recommend to all for this center

Sohael Khan reviewed Vedanta imaging and diagnostics
Sohael Khan - Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

I had gone to this centre. The doctors and staff were too much helpful. The center is new and had good facilities. The female doctor was too helpful and i had many queries she answered my queries patiently. I would definitely take my family to this centre if I need any radiological help.

soul lyrical reviewed Vedanta imaging and diagnostics
soul lyrical - Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

Latest equipments with polite behavior of staff.. Doctor is very polite... Rates are also affordable... Recommended to all for this center

Arpit Tiwari reviewed Vedanta imaging and diagnostics
Arpit Tiwari - Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

Nice and clean imaging centre, specially in Covid period. They maintain social distancing and all the necessary norms. Highly recommended

nirman gambhir reviewed Vedanta imaging and diagnostics
nirman gambhir - Vedanta imaging and diagnostics

Located in heart of Vasundhara market.Facility of all imaging and diagnostic services. Parking would be a problem.Wheel chair accessible entry for patients.Social distancing maintained seating area with sanitasion .

Ravi Kumar reviewed Bhagwatii Imaging Centre
Ravi Kumar - Bhagwatii Imaging Centre

Helping staff

Ashok Kumar reviewed Bhagwatii Imaging Centre
Ashok Kumar - Bhagwatii Imaging Centre

I would like to say Dr. Sushant Mittal is one of the best Radiologist for Ultrasound, He has great knowledge of his field. He is very genuine guy with good behaviour and gentle nature. No doubt you have to wait as we have long queue and More

Prakash Kumar reviewed Bhagwatii Imaging Centre
Prakash Kumar - Bhagwatii Imaging Centre

Very good service and result genuine

Vijay Nagpal reviewed Bhagwatii Imaging Centre
Vijay Nagpal - Bhagwatii Imaging Centre

I would just like to say that Dr is just great He besides looking thoroughly , also extends comfort by his words. Thank you Sir

ShaggyPandit Live reviewed Bhagwatii Imaging Centre
ShaggyPandit Live - Bhagwatii Imaging Centre

Doctor is so calm and polite. If somehow ultrasound or other test not clear doctor do it again without charging any extra money. But you have to add your no in the queue and it could take hours for your number

Gail Bird Sturgeon reviewed Bhagwatii Imaging Centre
Gail Bird Sturgeon - Bhagwatii Imaging Centre

The doctor is great and the imaging machines help you with detailed reportsVery helpful staff and clean surroundings. They pay special attention to cleanliness. Parking is available around the imaging centre.

Yashmeet Singh reviewed Bhagwatii Imaging Centre
Yashmeet Singh - Bhagwatii Imaging Centre

Its one of the best centres around for ultrasound. Doctor is highly profesional with a very good hand. He is very soft spoken, listens to his patients carefully and give sound advices based on his findings. The centre is usually very busy More

Vimlesh Kumar reviewed Hope Imaging & Diagnostic
Vimlesh Kumar - Hope Imaging & Diagnostic

SONU KUMAR reviewed Hope Imaging & Diagnostic
SONU KUMAR - Hope Imaging & Diagnostic

?shanu? Jaat reviewed Hope Imaging & Diagnostic
?shanu? Jaat - Hope Imaging & Diagnostic

Translated by Google Bahut kam rate par achchhi suvidha thanksOriginal More

ASHRAF ALI reviewed Hope Imaging & Diagnostic
ASHRAF ALI - Hope Imaging & Diagnostic

Adorable rate timely reports very nice

official reviewed Hope Imaging & Diagnostic
official - Hope Imaging & Diagnostic

Reliable rates and good service

SULEMAN KHAN reviewed Hope Imaging & Diagnostic
SULEMAN KHAN - Hope Imaging & Diagnostic

Good service adorable rate

santosh Singh reviewed Hope Imaging & Diagnostic
santosh Singh - Hope Imaging & Diagnostic

I got great results that I want to share with you guys

Bishnu kumar reviewed Hope Imaging & Diagnostic
Bishnu kumar - Hope Imaging & Diagnostic

Professional staff with Reasonable rates.Thanks Hope Imaging Diagnostic for home sample collection service.

PRIYANKA RANA reviewed Hope Imaging & Diagnostic
PRIYANKA RANA - Hope Imaging & Diagnostic

Nice service in home sample collection.Good staff, no pain when blood collection, very clean atmosphere in hope imaging diagnostic centre. More

drnidhi bahl reviewed Agarwal Diagnostic Centre
drnidhi bahl - Agarwal Diagnostic Centre

Deepak Dhirwal reviewed Dr Lal PathLabs
Deepak Dhirwal - Dr Lal PathLabs

NOIDAA Tuber reviewed Dr Lal PathLabs
NOIDAA Tuber - Dr Lal PathLabs


Durvijay Rathore reviewed Dr Lal PathLabs
Durvijay Rathore - Dr Lal PathLabs

As u know kal pathology is the Indias no lab and my experience is good from here

BHAGAT G reviewed Dr Lal PathLabs
BHAGAT G - Dr Lal PathLabs

Service is very good, phlebotomist are doing well for their customer

Abhinav Sharma reviewed Dr Lal PathLabs
Abhinav Sharma - Dr Lal PathLabs

This franchise of lal pathlabs is one of the best with negotiable price and continuous subsidies. Please check out this place.

Krishna Gupta reviewed Dr Lal PathLabs
Krishna Gupta - Dr Lal PathLabs

It is a good place for blood tests all staff are good by behaviour and flavotomist is good my experience is best here

CA NAMAN JAIN reviewed Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic
CA NAMAN JAIN - Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic

Nice place

Ratnaker Kumar reviewed Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic
Ratnaker Kumar - Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic

NARINDER MOHAN HOSPITAL AND HEART CENTER is a charitable institution founded by late Padamshri NARINDER NATH MOHAN the then Managing Director of Mohan Meakins Limited. Construction of the hospital was commenced in and the hospital More

ANAND SAH reviewed Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic
ANAND SAH - Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic

this hospital is very constrained,patients are seen here for hours and the doctors here look after a lot of patients this hospital is very famous.

Kartik Rajput reviewed Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic
Kartik Rajput - Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic

Ok ok

Ankush Tyagi reviewed Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic
Ankush Tyagi - Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic

Great hospital, good doctors team, well behaviour staff, emergency facilities available, all time emergency ambulance available. All so ICU ambulance available. Neat and clean rooms. Hospital are all so neat and clean. Highly experienced doctors team. Lots of parking.

Rohit Khan reviewed Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic
Rohit Khan - Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic

It is very big hospital ,and ghis is my neyarest pelce . The All Dr. Very feathfully in this Hospital

Pintu Vay reviewed Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic
Pintu Vay - Narinder Mohan Poly Clinic

Great experience, timely services well behaved driver. If you are new and looking for some awesome experiences and packages than you can trust on its services. I got full satisfied on my last tour.