MRI Scan in Kozhikode


Good health is a true blessing. However, with a sedentary lifestyle, it's difficult to maintain good health. Since we are aware that our lifestyle isn't fit for healthy living, we must source the right professionals to get a regular check-up on our health.

One such important portion of the check-up nowadays is the MRI scan. This process is adopted to diagnose problems inside your body. Since it's a matter of your body and health, we help you source the best diagnostic centres for MRI scan in Kozhikode. With the help of our comprehensive list, we help you choose the best MRI scan centers at an affordable price.

6 Best MRI Scan Centres In Kozhikode, Kerala

MRI Scan in Kozhikode. Get quote from best MRI Scan Centres In Kozhikode.

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Alton, Illinois

BrightWay Imaging

3 Professional Dr Ste A, Alton, IL 62002

Neurologist in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)

28595 Orchard Lake Rd #200, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Knox County, Tennessee

Ortho Tennessee MRI

260 Fort Sanders W Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37922

Urgent care center in West Lafayette, Indiana

Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette

909 Sagamore Pkwy W, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Medical center in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo General Medical Center

100 High St, Buffalo, NY 14203

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Annandale, Virginia

Fairfax MRI Center

The Pavilion, 8081 Innovation Park Dr 3rd floor, Fairfax, VA 22031


Why choose YoScans Kozhikode over others?

The motive of YoScans is to assist our customers in their tough times. We understand that you are going through a tough time and we help you deal with it. With our assistance, you can find the best medical centre for MRI scan in Kozhikode.

We also make sure, you get the most cost-effective MRI scan done. There are many malpractices in medical centres where they charge a huge amount for MRI scan in Kozhikode. We have taken special care to investigate each of the medical centres we have listed. Through our assistance, you will be in the right hands with the best bang for your buck.

Genuine Reviews

We present to you unbiased reviews of the medical diagnostic centre in Kozhikode. Keeping your trust, we ensure all our listed medical centre is certified along with the professional team. YoScans is the most trusted directory that offers you highly qualified professionals and the best MRI scan price in Kozhikode. So, next time if you want to get your MRI scan in Kozhikode done, you can rely on us completely to find the best medical centre at a fair price.

Updated List

At YoScans, we regularly update our list with new diagnostic centres. As your health is our top priority, we never miss a chance to keep you updated with the best team of professionals. Our team members are continuously working hard to keep you updated with real-time information on MRI scan in Kozhikode. So you can trust us to stay aware of all the best services related to MRI scan.

Detailed information

At YoScans, we offer our customers detailed information about the MRI scan centres in Kozhikode. Here, you can find contact details, reviews, address, phone number and appointment details with the best MRI scan price in Kozhikode. Moreover, if you have any query, we are always there for your help to solve your problem. Get in touch with us anytime and our team will assist you in all aspects.

Best medical diagnostics and imaging centres

Our associate team make use of modern technologies. They take care of patients with claustrophobia. Our listed medical diagnostics and imaging centres in Kozhikode check your metallic valve to find your compatibility with an MRI machine. They take care of implant safety as some people are not compatible with 3 Tesla but perfect with 1.5 Tesla. They also guide you on contrast MRI and plain MRI. With our listed scan centres, you can be sure that you are getting treated right.

Cost of MRI Scan in Kozhikode, Kerala

Cost of MRI Scan in Kozhikode vary with diagnostic centres, body part, type of MRI - plain or contrast and quality 1.5T MRI Scan or 3T MRI Scan in Kozhikode. Below is the chart of average price of MRI scan in Kozhikode of different body parts.

MRI ScanAvg. Cost
MRI BRAIN PLAIN in Kozhikode4500
CEMRI BRAIN in Kozhikode7000
MRI BRAIN +ANGIO BRAIN in Kozhikode8500
MRI BRAIN+MRA(H+N) in Kozhikode11000
MRI VERTIGO PROFILE in Kozhikode11500
MRI NECK in Kozhikode4000
MRCP(Includes liver, GB, CBD, Pancreas, ) in Kozhikode5500
MRI UPPER ABD in Kozhikode4500
MRI PELVIS (LOWER ABD) in Kozhikode4500
MRI WHOLE ABD in Kozhikode7000
MRI BREAST (EACH SIDE) in Kozhikode4500
MRI FISTULOGRAM in Kozhikode4500
Mri Venography in Kozhikode4500
Mri Fetal in Kozhikode6000
CEMri Fetal in Kozhikode8000
MRI SKULL in Kozhikode4500
CEMRI SKULL in Kozhikode7000
MRI WRIST in Kozhikode4500
CEMRI WRIST in Kozhikode7000
MRI WHOLE LEG in Kozhikode14500
CEMRI WHOLE LEG in Kozhikode23500
CEMRI SPECTROSCOPY in Kozhikode13000

List of MRI Scan centres in Kozhikode

Sr.Centre NameRatings
#1BrightWay ImagingRated 4.4 (8 reviews)
#2Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)Rated 3.4 (121 reviews)
#3Ortho Tennessee MRIRated 3.0 (2 reviews)
#4Franciscan ExpressCare West LafayetteRated 3.8 (68 reviews)
#5Buffalo General Medical CenterRated 2.0 (96 reviews)
#6Fairfax MRI CenterRated 2.8 (29 reviews)

FAQs for MRI Scan In Kozhikode, Kerala

Got query before going for MRI scan in Kozhikode? Here are the frequently asked questions we have tried to answer best with our knowledge.

What is the cost of MRI scan in Kozhikode?

The cost of MRI scan in Kozhikode may vary depending on the hospitals and body parts that you want to get tested. It may also depend on government and private hospitals. However, you can expect a range between 1500 to 25000 or even more.

Is it possible to get an MRI scan done without a doctor referral?

No, this is not possible, moreover, it is not a good practice. However, some medical centres accept self-referral but there are certain circumstances to be followed for your safety purpose. You can go for preventive MRI scans at diagnostic centres.

Who can refer me to get my MRI scan done?

A professional healthcare person such as Acupuncturists, GPs, Osteopaths, Sports therapists, physiotherapist, eye doctor can refer you for the scan.

How much time does the MRI scan take?

Usually, the time limit is between 45-60 minutes. However, the time limit may exceed up to two hours.

How should I prepare myself before the MRI scan?

In certain conditions, you are restricted to drink and eat for at least 4 hours prior to the scan timings. However, this may depend on the scan you are advised to undertake. There are also cases where you are asked to drink water in large quantity. One more important thing you need to take care of is that you should not be wearing any metal objects and other items such as jewellery, watches, hearing aids, etc. You will be informed about it after you book an appointment for the MRI scan.

What is 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla MRI Scan?

The majority of MRI scan is performed using 1.5 Tesla. However, 3 Tesla has stronger magnetic effects. It is double the strength of 1.5 Tesla and has a greater noise ratio and offers a good high-quality image. Your physician will guide you on which option is better for you. You can get both 1.5T and 3T MRI scan in Kozhikode with YoScans.

What is contrast MRI Scan?

It is beneficial in measuring tumours. MRI contrast helps in detecting the minute tumour. Also, the images are of better quality and clear. This will help the surgeon to get clarity about the size and placement of the tumour.

Is plain MRI different from contrast MRI?

Yes, both are different. A plain MRI is a normal MRI scan and is usually recommended for kidney-comprised patients and pregnant women. This is also very effective in delivering clear images and diagnosis of health issues. Your physician will suggest you the appropriate test depending on your health condition.

Can MRI scan my whole body?

It is an effective process to diagnose problems in body parts such as the brain, spine, breast, joints, bones liver and other parts. It can give an entire scan report of your body to detect tumour and other health conditions. You may get PET Scan at best price if you want to get fully body scan.

Based on 157+ user reviews of 6 businesses

Mimoza Shkembi reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Mimoza Shkembi - M1 Imaging Center

Gloria Williams reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Gloria Williams - M1 Imaging Center

Eric Latimer reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Eric Latimer - M1 Imaging Center

Wonderful place

Gary Segan reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Gary Segan - M1 Imaging Center

Have lower back issuessevere pain for years now, N doctors say I have bulging disk and should note causing this much pain.. Standard mris, xrays, cat scans, etc., all shoe LL bulging. Buy Ive been telling them, that More

Michelle Capaldi reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Michelle Capaldi - M1 Imaging Center

This is by far the best place to get an MRI. They try to make it as enjoyable as possible. They work around your schedule and take late night appointments, let you choose what music you want to listen to, and have a very clean facility. I highly recommend coming here.

George Zeolla reviewed M1 Imaging Center
George Zeolla - M1 Imaging Center

Went here for an MRI in April , when hospitals werent doing outpatient MRIs dt Covid. Friendly, helpful, kind employees and I was in and out in a half hour. Would highly recommend.

Kayla Bredeson reviewed M1 Imaging Center
Kayla Bredeson - M1 Imaging Center

First and foremost, after going through a major car accident and needing multiple MRIs, I can say this facility is clean, timely, as well as organized. The staff was so welcoming as well as kind they answered any and all questions I had. More

Crystal Mercer reviewed Bronson Battle Creek Outpatient Center - Beckley Road Imaging
Crystal Mercer - Bronson Battle Creek Outpatient Center - Beckley Road Imaging

Very friendly and Clean and didnt have a long wait...

Gregory Nash reviewed Bronson Battle Creek Outpatient Center - Beckley Road Imaging
Gregory Nash - Bronson Battle Creek Outpatient Center - Beckley Road Imaging

Staff is helpful and caring. They do their best to meet your needs while you are there.

Michele Millsap reviewed Bronson Battle Creek Outpatient Center - Beckley Road Imaging
Michele Millsap - Bronson Battle Creek Outpatient Center - Beckley Road Imaging

I absolutely love the imaging center. They are always so nice thorough and understanding. Great customer service and excelle care to patients.

Jeanette Barrios reviewed Insight Imaging
Jeanette Barrios - Insight Imaging

I have had several opportunities to visit Insight Imaging and that is exactly how everyone makes you feel.They treat you as a welcomed and treasured guest to their facility. They are all very professional and knowledgable. Answered all More

SaschaB! reviewed Insight Imaging
SaschaB! - Insight Imaging

Very nice and understanding

GG La reviewed Insight Imaging
GG La - Insight Imaging

Such kind people. Everyone I have encountered there have been extremely friendly. From the front desk to the radiology tech to the nurse to the doctor. Everyone is personable and makes you feel comfortable. Please be aware that you may be More

Sue Kendall reviewed Insight Imaging
Sue Kendall - Insight Imaging

I was there this morning and they were great.Every one was nice.

Andrew Barnum reviewed Insight Imaging
Andrew Barnum - Insight Imaging

Really good and fast service, in and out much better than whats available locally.

Renee Lees reviewed Insight Imaging
Renee Lees - Insight Imaging

I dont know why anyone would go elsewhere. The staff is friendly and professional. The equipment is up to date. Its clean. They accept insurance. Theyre less expensive than hospitals. They are open until pm and on weekends. Ill go here exclusively as long as they are operating.

Almir Divovic reviewed Insight Imaging
Almir Divovic - Insight Imaging

Wait was bit long, other than that everything else was ok. Stuff and technicians are friendly and knolageable.

Fly Eagle 35789 reviewed Insight Imaging
Fly Eagle 35789 - Insight Imaging

Ive been using Insight Imaging for years for all of my diagnostic testing. The best place to go. The best most up to date equipment, the only open MRI machine in our area, quick results usually within hours. Theyre open days a week, More

Chequioweia Black Bird reviewed Buffalo General Hospital. MRI
Chequioweia Black Bird - Buffalo General Hospital. MRI

Zack Waller reviewed Buffalo General Hospital. MRI
Zack Waller - Buffalo General Hospital. MRI

Patty McGrady reviewed Buffalo General Hospital. MRI
Patty McGrady - Buffalo General Hospital. MRI

Javier Ortiz reviewed Buffalo General Hospital. MRI
Javier Ortiz - Buffalo General Hospital. MRI

Translated by Google Very good attention the best hospital in Buffalo NYOriginal More

LJ Metzger reviewed Buffalo General Hospital. MRI
LJ Metzger - Buffalo General Hospital. MRI

Great staff and fast

justin cunningham reviewed Buffalo General Hospital. MRI
justin cunningham - Buffalo General Hospital. MRI

Quick and most of the time the staff cares

Stefan Doerr reviewed Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak
Stefan Doerr - Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak

We have had xrays, CT Scans and MRIs done here and we are so impressed with them We had a few questions about the scans and xray results and someone called us back with the answers right away And they were so much more reasonable than the hospital

Leen N reviewed Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak
Leen N - Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak

Ive used Basha Diagnostics for three MRIs. In all of those times the most important thing to me was to get in and get my imaging done. Basha is the only place who could get me in as quickly as needed, and for that alone I would recommend PS Dr. Basha and his staff are so kind and friendly, always a plus

Zeinab Abrahim reviewed Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak
Zeinab Abrahim - Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak

Wonderful staff. Professional and topnotch care. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area

Sunshine reviewed Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak
Sunshine - Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak

First time ever having to get mri, nice place and the ladys there are very sweet, I have aniexty but the nurse tech that did my mri her name was Vicky she was such a. Sweetheart and got me through it.

Lisa click reviewed Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak
Lisa click - Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak

Front desk staff are very friendly and helpful with questions and scheduling.I have claustrophobia and the medical technician put me at ease and communicated with me throughout the process during the MRI which helped me tremendously.Thank you for such good care

Patty McMahon reviewed Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak
Patty McMahon - Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak

This was my first time using Basha open MRI, from the time I walked in, until I left, it was a very pleasant experience. The girls at the front desk were so polite and helpful. The wait was not long at all. The staff in the back, the two More

David DiGirolamo reviewed Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak
David DiGirolamo - Basha Diagnostics: Basha Open MRI Royal Oak

Great friendly staff. I was able to save a bunch of money by using Basha. I would recommend them over any other.

Cindy Parsons reviewed Thumb MRI Center
Cindy Parsons - Thumb MRI Center

Friendly staff clean, comfortable, efficient.

Kristine Esler reviewed Thumb MRI Center
Kristine Esler - Thumb MRI Center

I have been here a few times for an MRI. The staff is always friendly and they try and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

M T reviewed Chicago Northside MRI Center
M T - Chicago Northside MRI Center

from the start I have had a great experience starting with the nice and very coureous receptionists at the front counter. this was a very simple and easy process. I honestly thought it would take longer but it was quick and easy. if I have to come back I would definitely come back here and I would recommend this place to others as well.

Karen Lang reviewed Chicago Northside MRI Center
Karen Lang - Chicago Northside MRI Center

Chicago Northside MRI Center was great and I want to specifically thank Maribel in the billing department. There was an issue with my insurance company paying the bill. I called the billing department each month and Maribel was so kind and More

Charlie Benson reviewed Chicago Northside MRI Center
Charlie Benson - Chicago Northside MRI Center

I found Northside MRI after receiving what I considered a high estimate for imagining from my primary x Northsides rate. Ive never shopped medical services before, so a bit uncomfortable for me. I found everyone here to be very More

Marianna Tarpley reviewed Chicago Northside MRI Center
Marianna Tarpley - Chicago Northside MRI Center

Great service In and out Love the cleanliness and privacy over hospital atmosphere any day

Ana Gonzalez reviewed Chicago Northside MRI Center
Ana Gonzalez - Chicago Northside MRI Center

I had a very pleasant experience at Chicago Northside MRI. I want to thank Corey for going above and beyond and exceeding all my expectations. I had an issue with my ins and he was very helpful in assisting me in getting it approved. He was More

Aaron reviewed McLaren Port Huron
Aaron - McLaren Port Huron

Covid Testing NEEDS a APPOINTMENT And as of today the operator said they dont have drive though testing.

Lisa Wickings reviewed McLaren Port Huron
Lisa Wickings - McLaren Port Huron

Came to the ER for post op pain from a gallbladder surgery and they ran every test to make sure I was okay. The dr and nurses are very caring and I would recommend this place any day over Lake Huron.

Nick Augustine reviewed McLaren Port Huron
Nick Augustine - McLaren Port Huron

I went to the ER with severe neck pain. I was admitted to the ER within minutes of arriving. The doctor didnt see me for a little over an hours due to a critical emergency patient that arrived just before me. The staff however kept us More

Pat reviewed McLaren Port Huron
Pat - McLaren Port Huron

The th floor south nursing staff is the best. They took excellent care of me last week after my knee surgery. You girls are awesome

Amanda Adamic reviewed McLaren Port Huron
Amanda Adamic - McLaren Port Huron

My Dad had knee replacement surgery and the staff was amazing. The nurses are fantastic so friendly and helpful. The hospital was clean and roomy with a large waiting area. His room was gigantic with a couch and chair, making us all comfortable. Great experience.

Hannah Toner reviewed McLaren Port Huron
Hannah Toner - McLaren Port Huron

I was recently in the E.R here the service credibility of this place is GREAT. I went to thank the nurse Pauline for taking such great care of me during my stay. HIGHLY recommended

Mary Rachford reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Mary Rachford - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

I prefer to got outside of the hospital systems for many reasons and was very pleased when I found Fox Valley Imaging online. I stopped in to see if they took my insurance and was happy to hear they did and that they could see me right More

Jayne Braden reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Jayne Braden - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

We called here because our regular place was too busy to get us in. They got us in the same day, and had the insurance preauth before our regular place as well The staff was amazing They all worked to help us get them the information More

Teresa M reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Teresa M - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

My recent MRI was a very positive experience Office staff Micah Mimi were very helpful supportive throughout the entire process. Technicians Dan Aldin were extremely comforting helpful as well Much appreciated...

Dave Swanson reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Dave Swanson - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

This place is fantastic. The owner really is friendly and is typically present. She is a true professional and cares about her patients. We have been coming here for years and with kids we have been many times. Xrays, Cat Scans and most More

Charlie HOLLENSED reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Charlie HOLLENSED - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

These are caring professionals who provide great service. If you do not have coverage they have the best cash fees. I love the care they have provided for those I sent there.

Mario Corral reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Mario Corral - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

The staff at Fox Valley imaging truly make it a pleasant experience. They are so friendly and kind and will go out of their way to helpmake your experience that much better. The owners personally greeted me and took a genuine interest in More

Heather Neal reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Heather Neal - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

I highly recommend this imaging center. Both for the people, services, and costs. I utilized them for several MRIs and xrays last year and am about to utilize them again for another MRI. The costs for the ones I have had in the past at a More

Dave Heidenreich reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Dave Heidenreich - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

What a difference this place is compared to our experiences in hospitals, urgent care or ERs Wowit was like being with a loving family at our time of need. Friendly staff and friendly price Great experience. Thanks Dan.

Susan Fleming reviewed Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.
Susan Fleming - Fox Valley Imaging Center Inc.

I have had several MRIs administered by Fox Valley Imaging Center, Inc. and have always been satisfied. The images are very clear and doctors have always been able to read them with no issues. The staff is caring and friendly and do More

Lisa Mayer reviewed Naperville Imaging Center
Lisa Mayer - Naperville Imaging Center

Great experience Very friendly staff. The tech was knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. I have had MRIs other places and this is a out of .

Michael Sung reviewed Naperville Imaging Center
Michael Sung - Naperville Imaging Center

I came here after having a mild panic attack at Central Dupage Hospitals MRI office. Nothing against CDH here..... theyre GREAT AS WELL I called up my insurance and they referred me here. The office is comfortable and the MRI is a lot More

Marina Josifoski reviewed Naperville Imaging Center
Marina Josifoski - Naperville Imaging Center

Awesome staff Everyone is super friendly. My daughter walked in nervous and walked out saying everyone was super nice to her. Worth the two hour drive

Michael Botros reviewed Naperville Imaging Center
Michael Botros - Naperville Imaging Center

Very professional. Very welcoming.I am totally happy with the service they offered for my Dad.

Katherine Mesri reviewed Naperville Imaging Center
Katherine Mesri - Naperville Imaging Center

Super efficient. Real people answer the phone. No request too much. Follow up on what they say they will do. Not long to wait for appointments. A breath of fresh air after dealing with DMG for years. Thankyou

alwaysopen reviewed Fairfax MRI Center
alwaysopen - Fairfax MRI Center

Never had a hassle here.I have had over MRIs at several locations in my life and these people know More

Lauren Rosser reviewed Fairfax MRI Center
Lauren Rosser - Fairfax MRI Center

Sean was excellent. He has wonderful bed side manor, with the right touch of humor. Sean made a mundane task, a pleasant one. The stay was all polite and kind and went right in at the time of my appointment.

Trese Briggs reviewed Fairfax MRI Center
Trese Briggs - Fairfax MRI Center

I dont get the bad reviews at all. I mean if it is a matter of bills, etc.... not much can be done about all that with insurance the way it is these days. That said, I took my elderly mother in for a followup MRI last week and everyone More

Jeff Schreibman reviewed Fairfax MRI Center
Jeff Schreibman - Fairfax MRI Center

I had a great experience with this facility. I had a very early appointment and the MRI center was extremely organized and my technician was efficient and helpful.

James E reviewed Fairfax MRI Center
James E - Fairfax MRI Center

I have been here a few times, for multiple injuries. I have never had an issue with billing, scheduling, or service. I have never seen the things that make up these negative reviews. Just made an appointment for this Friday, another injury More

Kasia Bennett reviewed Tysons MRI and Imaging Center
Kasia Bennett - Tysons MRI and Imaging Center

This is my favorite location when it comes to Fairfax radiology. Anytime I go in for a procedure, the technicians are always friendly and make sure you feel comfortable. Also Terry at the front desk STAYS being the sweetest and kindest lady Ive met. Great employees, short wait time, excellent techs. Highly recommend

Nicole Dedek reviewed Tysons MRI and Imaging Center
Nicole Dedek - Tysons MRI and Imaging Center

Had an MRI here today. I feel like an MRI is never a pleasant experience for anyone but it went well. And I was impressed with the cleanliness of the office, the kind woman at the front desk and the technician who took the images. From More

Sarah Ed reviewed Tysons MRI and Imaging Center
Sarah Ed - Tysons MRI and Imaging Center

Smooth booking . Easy checking. Immaculately clean. Very helpful frontdesk. Professional, caring staff. Waited days for my insurance authorization. Highly recommended.

Chloe Morgan reviewed Tysons MRI and Imaging Center
Chloe Morgan - Tysons MRI and Imaging Center

The sweetest atmosphere Such welcoming and kind beautiful people Wish I could have all my doctors appointments here

Bruno Vasiliev reviewed Tysons MRI and Imaging Center
Bruno Vasiliev - Tysons MRI and Imaging Center

Honestly was worried coming in because of the bad reviews and mentally prepared myself based on what others said. But I have no clue why anyone would say bad things about this place Terry the front desk receptionist was so friendly and More

Jerry Chen reviewed The Radiology Clinic
Jerry Chen - The Radiology Clinic

Overall very solid experience. The receptionists and technician were all very courteous, kind and knowledgeable as it related to my visit and the questions I had. Would recommend to family or friends if any similar services are required.

Jeff Wong reviewed The Radiology Clinic
Jeff Wong - The Radiology Clinic

Very kind and thorough staff and technicians. Made me feel comfortable during MRI and was pleasantly surprised when asked what kind of music I preferred to listen to during the process. Very clean facility. Will definitely return for future needs.

Gwendolyn T reviewed The Radiology Clinic
Gwendolyn T - The Radiology Clinic

Been there times already. My most enjoyable experience was having an MRI to my knee. They made sure I was comfortable and had me listen to my genre of music. I actually almost fell asleep . Clean and professional place. All staff More

dakota b reviewed The Radiology Clinic
dakota b - The Radiology Clinic

Overall my experience was great. The MRI technologists made me feel comfortable during my first MRI. The receptionists were also kind and helpful. I will definitely return to the Radiology Clinic in the future.

Sammy Buo reviewed The Radiology Clinic
Sammy Buo - The Radiology Clinic

On arrival the registration is carried out speedily and cheerfully by courteous and competent staff. While waiting to be called in for my procedure seemed a bit long, I was not bothered as the waiting room is clean and respects COVID More

James Carlson reviewed The Radiology Clinic
James Carlson - The Radiology Clinic

Ive been to The Radiology Clinic on two occasions. Both times the techs were very courteous, efficient and answered all my questions. Front desk staff too. Highly recommended.

Anthony Griffin reviewed The Radiology Clinic
Anthony Griffin - The Radiology Clinic

Ive been here twice in one week for two different scans and both times the front desk and doctors have been phenomenal. Friendly, Polite and Professional. Office is very clean and well maintained. Will continue to come here and recommend others

collin gibbs reviewed The Radiology Clinic
collin gibbs - The Radiology Clinic

Scheduling was a bit of a hassle at first but after the mishap cool breeze All Staff was courteous and professional. My tech, I have to say Ms. Christian hopefully spelled that right was AWESOME just Awesome In these days and times its always good to have premiere employees. Please dont ever let her go Christian

Steven Tan reviewed The Radiology Clinic
Steven Tan - The Radiology Clinic

Jan and Mike the techs were great for my MRI. Diana at the front was very friendly and accommodating. Being in the health profession myself, I was pleased with the experience and cleanliness of the facility. Would recommend for your radiology needs

Meredith Martin reviewed The Radiology Clinic
Meredith Martin - The Radiology Clinic

Great experience, from scheduling all the way to receiving images. Very welcoming and kind staff, organized, and professional. Good COVID protocols in place, so everything felt safe. More

Adrienne Kirts reviewed Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette
Adrienne Kirts - Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette

Dr Plascak and Dr March are the best, very caring, they listen and are helpful. Never had a problem with any of the staff.

Katy Nay reviewed Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette
Katy Nay - Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette

A little busy this holidayflu season but staff were friendly, courteous and got you through as fast but thoroughly as could be.

Jill Walker reviewed Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette
Jill Walker - Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette

This group of doctors are the most wonderful and caring doctors I have ever gone to in my life I couldnt give them enough stars to show how much they are worth to the community

Caitlin Rayburn reviewed Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette
Caitlin Rayburn - Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette

My son has been there twice this year already. They were soooo quick. Registration took only a few minutes, sitting in waiting room for a brief moment, doctor came right in once we finished with the nurse in the room. Thank you

Tom Melville reviewed Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette
Tom Melville - Franciscan ExpressCare West Lafayette

Im sorry to read the bad experiences on here. We have been coming here for years. I wish either Dr. March or Dr. Plascak could be my GP. Ive been thankful for their expertise with myself, my wife and two kids. Caring, listening and they know their stuff.

Amy E Wright reviewed Ortho Tennessee MRI
Amy E Wright - Ortho Tennessee MRI

Staff was extremely polite very patient. Especially, Ms. Gayle. She helped me deal with some issues before my exam actually got started during. Making it possible for me to be able to continue with my MRI. She calmed me down and talked to me during my entire exam making me feel very comfortable and at ease.

Kelly Cleaver reviewed Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)
Kelly Cleaver - Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)

I went to the MIND clinic after a recommendation from my primary doctor. I was looking for a doctor that specializes in headaches and found Dr. Lauren Aymen. We havent solved my problems yet but she listens and cares about helping me find solutions. Thats the best you can hope for in a doctor. I would recommend their clinic.

Kathryn Robinson reviewed Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)
Kathryn Robinson - Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)

Brought my mom, years old, to see Dr. Boudouris for her tremors. I was expecting to have to make more appointments for scans and blood work. Instead, Dr. Boudouris eased our fears. He has a wonder bed side manner so to speak. He let More

S Revard reviewed Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)
S Revard - Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)

Dr Singer is an amazing physician. Words can not even express my gratitude for the care that I receive. He always has a listening ear and works with me to come up with a plan of care that both of us agree upon. His staff is kind, courteous, More

Kathy Barnard reviewed Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)
Kathy Barnard - Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)

Dr Fellows was awesome. Good bedside manner and answered all questions. Got me in same day for EEG which was administered by Helene. She was also awesome. Went to great effort to make the environment relaxing.

Elsie Bond reviewed Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)
Elsie Bond - Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)

Dr.Jonathan Fellows is Absolutely Amazing. I have brought a lot of my patients to see him over the years with great results and understanding of their problems. But I had to bring my baby sister whose to him after going to so many other More

Jul Davis reviewed Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)
Jul Davis - Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)

Compassionate, professional, fast Early appointments available

Nicole Kalmbach reviewed Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)
Nicole Kalmbach - Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)

I have been to the MIND now three times for an infusion for my MS therapy. Each time has been better than the previous. The staff has always gone above and beyond to ensure my comfort they are personable and pay close attention to your More

Chris Dykstra reviewed BrightWay Imaging
Chris Dykstra - BrightWay Imaging

Holly Gibson reviewed BrightWay Imaging
Holly Gibson - BrightWay Imaging

Short wait

Kathi Young reviewed BrightWay Imaging
Kathi Young - BrightWay Imaging

The staff are pleasant and professional. I love the ease of getting into the facility and how quick they are. But I must absolutely RAVE about their softer mammagram. It was totally painless.

Lisa Allen reviewed BrightWay Imaging
Lisa Allen - BrightWay Imaging

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Considerate of time. clean environment. Everything you should expect in an imaging center. Will definitely be back.

Kaeti Lindsey reviewed BrightWay Imaging
Kaeti Lindsey - BrightWay Imaging

The staff was extremely professional and friendly. Very clean facility. Highly recommend

Julie Collman reviewed BrightWay Imaging
Julie Collman - BrightWay Imaging

The hospital wanted for my week anatomy scan. I shopped around and ended up choosing Brightway. Our appointment went very well. I forgot my ultrasound order and they simply called my Dr. office, and the person working the desk had More

Jay Watson reviewed BrightWay Imaging
Jay Watson - BrightWay Imaging

They worked well and were very friendly working on my case deferred to them from a Federal Organization. They made sure I was comfortable during the entire MRI.

Jennifer lynn reviewed Buffalo General Medical Center
Jennifer lynn - Buffalo General Medical Center

First time ever there, very nice staff at the staff and technition inimagining were just compassionate towards their patients.

Buffalo SabresLoyalist reviewed Buffalo General Medical Center
Buffalo SabresLoyalist - Buffalo General Medical Center

No other hospital that I trust more. God bless the hands who heals.

Jacqueline Aston reviewed Buffalo General Medical Center
Jacqueline Aston - Buffalo General Medical Center

I have been hospitalized times in the last months, each time at Buffalo General, at my request. If youre unfortunate enough to have to be in the hospital, this is the place to be. Highlights include More