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Good health is a true blessing. However, with a sedentary lifestyle, it's difficult to maintain good health. Since we are aware that our lifestyle isn't fit for healthy living, we must source the right professionals to get a regular check-up on our health.

One such important portion of the check-up nowadays is the MRI scan. This process is adopted to diagnose problems inside your body. Since it's a matter of your body and health, we help you source the best diagnostic centres for MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram. With the help of our comprehensive list, we help you choose the best MRI scan centers at an affordable price.

9 Best MRI Scan Centres In Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

MRI Scan in Thiruvananthapuram. Get quote from best MRI Scan Centres In Thiruvananthapuram.

Medical laboratory in Hapur, India

dr. Lalpathlabs collection centre

vijaya bank complex atarpura choupla ,hapur, opposite nagar palika office, Uttar Pradesh 245101, India

Dental clinic in Hapur, India

City Dental – (Dr. Rahul Gupta)

Railway Rd, near trilok sweets, opposite City Plaza, Radhapuri, Shri Nagar, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh 245101, India

Diagnostic center in Hapur, India

KRISHNA Diagnostics

Shop No. 17, RK Plaza, Railway Rd, Jawahar Gang, Ganga Nagar Colony, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh 245101, India

Diagnostic center in Hapur, India

Pulse path Labs

Shop No. 17, R.K. Plaza, Railway Rd, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh 245101, India

Doctor in Hapur, India

Aashirwad Dental Care – Dental Clinic in Hapur

Dental Clinic Opp. Ganga Tower, Rajan Plaza, Railway Rd, near IndusInd Bank, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh 245101, India

Diagnostic center in Hapur, India

Dr Lal PathLabs

Near Vijaya Bank , Opp. Nagar Palika Office , Hapur , U.P.-245101, Opp. Nagar Palika Office, Uttar Pradesh 245101, India

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Meerut, India

R S Imaging & Diagnostic Centre

77, Hapur Rd, Bhawani Nagar, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250002, India

Diagnostic center in Hapur, India

PathKind Labs

Hukumchand Hospital, Jawahar Gang, Ganga Nagar Colony, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh 245101, India

Medical diagnostic imaging center in Hapur, India

Prashant Medical Store Hapur Uttarpradesh

874, Shiv Puri, Shivlok Colony, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh 245101, India


Why choose YoScans Thiruvananthapuram over others?

The motive of YoScans is to assist our customers in their tough times. We understand that you are going through a tough time and we help you deal with it. With our assistance, you can find the best medical centre for MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram.

We also make sure, you get the most cost-effective MRI scan done. There are many malpractices in medical centres where they charge a huge amount for MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram. We have taken special care to investigate each of the medical centres we have listed. Through our assistance, you will be in the right hands with the best bang for your buck.

Genuine Reviews

We present to you unbiased reviews of the medical diagnostic centre in Thiruvananthapuram. Keeping your trust, we ensure all our listed medical centre is certified along with the professional team. YoScans is the most trusted directory that offers you highly qualified professionals and the best MRI scan price in Thiruvananthapuram. So, next time if you want to get your MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram done, you can rely on us completely to find the best medical centre at a fair price.

Updated List

At YoScans, we regularly update our list with new diagnostic centres. As your health is our top priority, we never miss a chance to keep you updated with the best team of professionals. Our team members are continuously working hard to keep you updated with real-time information on MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram. So you can trust us to stay aware of all the best services related to MRI scan.

Detailed information

At YoScans, we offer our customers detailed information about the MRI scan centres in Thiruvananthapuram. Here, you can find contact details, reviews, address, phone number and appointment details with the best MRI scan price in Thiruvananthapuram. Moreover, if you have any query, we are always there for your help to solve your problem. Get in touch with us anytime and our team will assist you in all aspects.

Best medical diagnostics and imaging centres

Our associate team make use of modern technologies. They take care of patients with claustrophobia. Our listed medical diagnostics and imaging centres in Thiruvananthapuram check your metallic valve to find your compatibility with an MRI machine. They take care of implant safety as some people are not compatible with 3 Tesla but perfect with 1.5 Tesla. They also guide you on contrast MRI and plain MRI. With our listed scan centres, you can be sure that you are getting treated right.

Cost of MRI Scan in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Cost of MRI Scan in Thiruvananthapuram vary with diagnostic centres, body part, type of MRI - plain or contrast and quality 1.5T MRI Scan or 3T MRI Scan in Thiruvananthapuram. Below is the chart of average price of MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram of different body parts.

MRI ScanAvg. Cost
MRI BRAIN PLAIN in Thiruvananthapuram4500
CEMRI BRAIN in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRI BRAIN+EPILEPSY PROTOCOL in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRI BRAIN +ANGIO BRAIN in Thiruvananthapuram8500
MRI BRAIN+MRA(H+N) in Thiruvananthapuram11000
MRI VERTIGO PROFILE in Thiruvananthapuram11500
MRI SELLA/ORBIT WITH CONTRAST in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRI NECK in Thiruvananthapuram4000
MRI NECK WITH CONTRAST in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRCP(Includes liver, GB, CBD, Pancreas, ) in Thiruvananthapuram5500
MRI UPPER ABD in Thiruvananthapuram4500
MRI UPPER ABD WITH CONTRAST in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRI PELVIS (LOWER ABD) in Thiruvananthapuram4500
MRI PELVIS (LOWER ABD) WITH CONTRAST in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRI WHOLE ABD in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRI WHOLE ABD WITH CONTRAST in Thiruvananthapuram13000
MRI BREAST (EACH SIDE) in Thiruvananthapuram4500
MRI BREAST WITH CONTRAST (EACH SIDE) in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRI FISTULOGRAM in Thiruvananthapuram4500
Mri Venography in Thiruvananthapuram4500
Mri Fetal in Thiruvananthapuram6000
CEMri Fetal in Thiruvananthapuram8000
MRI SKULL in Thiruvananthapuram4500
CEMRI SKULL in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRI WRIST in Thiruvananthapuram4500
CEMRI WRIST in Thiruvananthapuram7000
MRI WHOLE LEG in Thiruvananthapuram14500
CEMRI WHOLE LEG in Thiruvananthapuram23500
MRI SPECTROSCOPY WITH BRAIN in Thiruvananthapuram9500
CEMRI SPECTROSCOPY WITH BRAIN in Thiruvananthapuram15500
CEMRI SPECTROSCOPY in Thiruvananthapuram13000
MRI CISTERNOGRAPHY in Thiruvananthapuram5500

List of MRI Scan centres in Thiruvananthapuram

Sr.Centre NameRatings
#1dr. Lalpathlabs collection centreRated 5.0 (3 reviews)
#2City Dental – (Dr. Rahul Gupta)Rated 5.0 (523 reviews)
#3KRISHNA DiagnosticsRated 5.0 (5 reviews)
#4Pulse path LabsRated 5.0 (1 reviews)
#5Aashirwad Dental Care – Dental Clinic in HapurRated 4.9 (19 reviews)
#6Dr Lal PathLabsRated 4.0 (6 reviews)
#7R S Imaging & Diagnostic CentreRated 4.3 (3 reviews)
#8PathKind LabsRated 4.5 (2 reviews)
#9Prashant Medical Store Hapur UttarpradeshRated 3.0 (2 reviews)

FAQs for MRI Scan In Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Got query before going for MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram? Here are the frequently asked questions we have tried to answer best with our knowledge.

What is the cost of MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram?

The cost of MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram may vary depending on the hospitals and body parts that you want to get tested. It may also depend on government and private hospitals. However, you can expect a range between 1500 to 25000 or even more.

Is it possible to get an MRI scan done without a doctor referral?

No, this is not possible, moreover, it is not a good practice. However, some medical centres accept self-referral but there are certain circumstances to be followed for your safety purpose. You can go for preventive MRI scans at diagnostic centres.

Who can refer me to get my MRI scan done?

A professional healthcare person such as Acupuncturists, GPs, Osteopaths, Sports therapists, physiotherapist, eye doctor can refer you for the scan.

How much time does the MRI scan take?

Usually, the time limit is between 45-60 minutes. However, the time limit may exceed up to two hours.

How should I prepare myself before the MRI scan?

In certain conditions, you are restricted to drink and eat for at least 4 hours prior to the scan timings. However, this may depend on the scan you are advised to undertake. There are also cases where you are asked to drink water in large quantity. One more important thing you need to take care of is that you should not be wearing any metal objects and other items such as jewellery, watches, hearing aids, etc. You will be informed about it after you book an appointment for the MRI scan.

What is 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla MRI Scan?

The majority of MRI scan is performed using 1.5 Tesla. However, 3 Tesla has stronger magnetic effects. It is double the strength of 1.5 Tesla and has a greater noise ratio and offers a good high-quality image. Your physician will guide you on which option is better for you. You can get both 1.5T and 3T MRI scan in Thiruvananthapuram with YoScans.

What is contrast MRI Scan?

It is beneficial in measuring tumours. MRI contrast helps in detecting the minute tumour. Also, the images are of better quality and clear. This will help the surgeon to get clarity about the size and placement of the tumour.

Is plain MRI different from contrast MRI?

Yes, both are different. A plain MRI is a normal MRI scan and is usually recommended for kidney-comprised patients and pregnant women. This is also very effective in delivering clear images and diagnosis of health issues. Your physician will suggest you the appropriate test depending on your health condition.

Can MRI scan my whole body?

It is an effective process to diagnose problems in body parts such as the brain, spine, breast, joints, bones liver and other parts. It can give an entire scan report of your body to detect tumour and other health conditions. You may get PET Scan at best price if you want to get fully body scan.

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