Best MRI Scan Centres In India


MRI Scan Centres In India

Get quote from best MRI Scan centres in India.

List of best MRI Scan Centres In India state wise.

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FAQs for MRI Scan In India

Got query before going for MRI scan? Here are the frequently asked questions we have tried to answer best with our knowledge.

What is the exact price of an MRI scan in India?

The cost may vary depending on the hospitals and body parts that you want to get tested. It may also depend on government and private hospitals. However, you can expect a range between 1500 to 25000 or even more.

Is it possible to get an MRI scan done without a doctor referral?

No, this is not possible, moreover, it is not a good practice. However, some medical centres accept self-referral but there are certain circumstances to be followed for your safety purpose. You can go for preventive MRI scans at diagnostic centres.

Who can refer me to get my MRI scan done?

A professional healthcare person such as Acupuncturists, GPs, Osteopaths, Sports therapists, physiotherapist, eye doctor can refer you for the scan.

How much time does the MRI scan take?

Usually, the time limit is between 45-60 minutes. However, the time limit may exceed up to two hours.

How should I prepare myself before the MRI scan?

In certain conditions, you are restricted to drink and eat for at least 4 hours prior to the scan timings. However, this may depend on the scan you are advised to undertake. There are also cases where you are asked to drink water in large quantity. One more important thing you need to take care of is that you should not be wearing any metal objects and other items such as jewellery, watches, hearing aids, etc. You will be informed about it after you book an appointment for the MRI scan.

What is 1.5 Tesla and 3Tesla?

The majority of MRI scan is performed using 1.5 Tesla. However, 3 Tesla has stronger magnetic effects. It is double the strength of 1.5 Tesla and has a greater noise ratio and offers a good high-quality image. Your physician will guide you on which option is better for you.

What is contrast MRI Scan?

It is beneficial in measuring tumours. MRI contrast helps in detecting the minute tumour. Also, the images are of better quality and clear. This will help the surgeon to get clarity about the size and placement of the tumour.

Is plain MRI different from contrast MRI?

Yes, both are different. A plain MRI is a normal MRI and is usually recommended for kidney-comprised patients and pregnant women. This is also very effective in delivering clear images and diagnosis of health issues. Your physician will suggest you the appropriate test depending on your health condition.

Can MRI scan my whole body?

It is an effective process to diagnose problems in body parts such as the brain, spine, breast, joints, bones liver and other parts. It can give an entire scan report of your body to detect tumour and other health conditions.

Does the MRI scan process cause any pain?

No, you won't experience any pain. However, you feel very unusual and that is completely normal. You will adapt to the process and the specialist will guide you properly. So, you need not worry about it.

How can I overcome claustrophobia while on an MRI scan?

First of all, convince yourself that it is not a big deal and you can overcome it. Do not concentrate on the movement instead close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Try diverting your mind and think about your good times but remember to keep your eyes closed.

Can a friend or family member be with me while the MRI scan is done?

Yes, you can get their company but they need to stand out. They can't come inside where you will get scanned. However, in some centres, they allow your family members to stand inside your room but they need to remove magnetic material from their body. In most cases, permission is not granted.

Can I move during the MRI scan?

You should avoid any type of movement during the process. If there is any movement the picture may not be clear. You should keep yourself still and avoid movement during the MRI process.

Will I be allowed to wear my clothes during the MRI process?

The medical centre will give you proper metal-free clothes. You will be asked to change your clothes, just cooperate with the process and everything will go smoothly.